Building-Level Cuts: Where Will They Trim?

image from WBEZ tells us that the Board is hoping to keep cuts away from the classroom, but that's not going to be possible.  Catalyst tells us that the school level budgets are being released today, finally,and that means principals will have to decide how to meet their numbers including laying off staff.  So the questions are these:  What will principals cut -- and what should they cut if you were in charge?  Staff, or programs, or services?  How much discretion is there left, given how centralized the process seems to have become and previous cuts? Pic via WBEZ


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  • Dear Administrator_on_Furlough you are correct! AP's were taken out of the union (CTU) by CPS because of Eddie Washington, not their actions!

  • When looking at suburban school districts in terms of bureaucracy you also have to look at the special education cooperatives, and the county superintendents offices. There also are no suburban unified school districts, meaning both high school and elementary, with the exception of U46 which has a pretty large one. Believe me it exists out there too.

    Rod Estvan

  • Why is it that other districts have an orderly process for notifying staff about future employment?

    Why is it that in other districts teachers and staff who are riffed are called back as the positions open up.

    Why is it that educated and dedicated staff, teachers and personnel are treated like assembly line workers?

    Why is it that CPS is allowed to exempt itself from Illinois School Code?

    If it is good enough for Illinois, it should be good enough for Chicago...

    But no, Chicago is corrupt and political. It is showing the rest of the nation how to escape any legal boundaries and create a political morass. Look at the new super--more money than he's every made--short on experience, education and skill. Look at the new mayor--he didn't even have to live here to get the job but his teachers do. Ain't politics wonderful?

  • ever made...sorry

  • I don't think blended prek will be eliminated. How the SPED students receive their minutes will change. The SPED teacher in the classroom will be eliminated with the SPED students receiving their minutes from itinerant teachers. It will be interesting to see how many IEP minutes revisions are done to "fit" this new CPS money saver.

  • Dear as a CPS principal, I also did all of these duties plus more! I totally agree with you! P.S.- I'm glad that the charter schools also have a central office!

  • There will be no forensic audit! Not now, not ever!

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