Budget & Whittier Protests Planned Tomorrow *UPD*

Silly_Rich_Guy_picket_2011_06_14There are at least two sets of folks headed down to the Board meeting tomorrow.  The first are CTUers who want to keep up the pressure against the decision to rescind the contract raise while spending millions on other things:  "This is about more than just the money. It's about honesty and dignity. We demand respect and together we will get it. ' (Event Details)  The other group are the Whittier parents, who apparently have still not gotten what they were promised:  "On Friday June 17th Brizard sent a letter stating that he was going ahead with the plans that the old administration had of making the library inside the main building of Whittier."  Via TSJ  UPDATE:  Maybe you've seen this already but I'm told this is a draft of the personnel policy they're going to vote in in regards to layoffs (TeacherLayoff_Draft_PO1.pdf).  Is it legit?  Is it anything unexpected? 


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  • TIFs rob Chicago

  • Thousands of CTU members marched around the Chicago Public Schools, Bank of America and the Board of Trades today!

  • more about whittier via TSJ -- an update of sorts

    This morning (Thurs, June 23), on the Whittier Facebook page:

    Allrite everyone, Whittier parents have decided to protect the field house by doing another sit-in at the fieldhouse due to recent shady actions by CPS. Please come and show support by either volunteering yourselves in doing shifts and/or providing the following supplies that are needed (see below):

    Calling out all Allies, Community Members, teachers and concerned folks to come out and join us for a community meeting TODAY: JUNE 23rd starting at 6PM at La Casita 1900 W 23rd st. If you have been wondering what is actually happening, please come, we need your support! Also if you can stop by anytime between now and 6, your presence as well as any supply contribution would be dearly appreciated. Gracias!! LA LUCHA SIGUE

    And just in, text from a Whittier parent organizer:

    "We are going to Solis' office to give him a letter to meet with us. We are asking everyone to keep calling him to meet with us and stop the CPS plans and keep to his promise. We are calling the sit-in again and are trying to get more ppl down here to help and trying to get media coverage."

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