AM News: Test Scores Somehow On The Rise

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Improved test scores announced; and layoff procedures spelled out
Catalyst: It's not clear what caused the increase of nearly 4
percentage points in the proportion of students meeting or exceeding
state standards.

Details on preliminary test score results released Friday
Tribune:  While the district's students appear to have done better on
ISAT scores this year, they have not
done as...

Parents resume sit-in at school field house WBEZ:  CPS spokeswoman
Becky Carroll says the crew's job was to clear space for the library
within the main building. "That room is not ADA accessible," says Lisa
Angonese, who has two kids in Whittier.

More news items below -- feel free to write in about missed items.

A look at Brizard's draft contract
Catalyst:  CPS officials released a draft version of schools CEO
Jean-Claude Brizard's new contract shortly after it was approved at
Wednesday's board meeting.

Advocacy Group Polling on Education Issues CNC:  The automated nine-question poll asks
about some of the most controversial topics facing the cash-strapped
Chicago Public Schools, including the length of the school day,
parental involvement and teacher performance.
Gery Chico's Ties To Tainted Charity Delay Appointment
Huffington Post:  Questions raised by state legislators about former
Chicago mayoral candidate Gery Chico's connections to a scandal-plagued
and now-defunct charity have delayed his appointment to a statewide
education post.


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  • mike klonsky's first hand account of the whittier standoff yesterday

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    CITY OF CHICAGO: Application Status, 1900 W 23rd Street (Whittier School Fieldhouse), Application # D10270-01, Application Date- Thursday, September 9, 2010. DESCRIPTION: Demolition of Field House and Installation of Turf Field; Reseal Asphalt; Dumpster Enclosure; and Fencing. CLOSING OUT TEMPLATE AND PROJECT. TOTAL RECORDS : 6, displaying all items. The owners of this address received a permit on Tuesday, May 31, 2011.

  • I kind of disagree with you here. By having the students take the EXPLORE in the beginning of the year, the teachers can use the data to understand what needs to be taught in each class. It is all in how you use the data.
    At our school, the freshman take the EXPLORE three times. In the beginning of the year it is given as a formative assessment. We take that data and use it to our individual class advantage. We learn what the students don't understand and teach accordingly by tailoring our content to meet the students

  • No one I know actually puts any faith in the number of students simply meeting state standards. As a pp put it, the state just lowers the number of questions needed to "meet" standards, and voila, more pass. A better measure of student success is the number of kids exceeding standards. (which, at least in my mind, is an indicator of "average" performance given the lowering of the bar) A school with 50-60% meeting and 10% exceeding isn't a school that a parent with any other choices will consider. Most parents who are educated understand we need closer to 50% exceeding to be able to send our kids there. I am all for a nationally normed test. Yes, we'd see CPS kids as a whole drop precipitously. I am going to guess that less than a third will pass. But let's be real about our students' achievement. And our children's achievement. This is why parents are so desperate to get their kids into SE high schools. They are the only ones offering at least a basically decent education.

  • Dear Anonymous, CPS NEVER signed the agreement to turn over the fieldhouse for $1.00 a year to the Whittier parents! CPS can legally tear down the fieldhouse anytime they want to! P.S.- the turf field (soccer field) would be for a 'private' high school!

  • I would be curious to know, one, how many of the students from your high school that go to college go to a community college? (nothing wrong with that, but it is different than going to a good university) And two, how many of your students have a chance to go to college because the colleges they gained entrance to are seeking out kids to meet their diversity quotas? There is an entirely different standard for kids who come from advantage backgrounds and are caucasian than there is for kids who are minorities and who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The first set needs a much higher ACT score to gain entrance to a good college, the second group is allowed in with much lower scores. I need a school that can help my kids get an ACT in the upper twenties or low thirties with many peers at that same level to spur them on.

  • Oh,no I agree. However, the powers that be have set the trend that we need to start pushing them earlier and earlier to think about college. But, we all know it is to try and improve the numbers.

  • Hahahaha, I know exactly what you are talking about. I have seen it first-hand. Try telling them the public thinks they are dumber than a box of rocks and print off some of the comments that allude to that. Really, that is what I do and, boy do my kids hate to be told they are stupid. LOL Oh, and don't try to fight the homework fight if you can help it. Build it into your day. Do you have them long enough to set up stations? One station can be for the homework. This way, you are in control of the homework. I like to put my 9th graders into three or four groups and have stations. One of which is for homework. :)

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