AM News: Schools Endure Year-End Heatwave

image from webmedia.newseum.orgTemperature soars to the 90s -- inside a CPS classroom Sun TImes:  Jennifer Johnson, a teacher at Lincoln Park High School, administered final exams in a classroom where temperatures reached the mid-nineties...New school chief digs into reform Frankenstein CNC: With three meetings under his belt by 10 a.m. on the Monday of his second full week on the job, CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard traveled from a meeting with one of the primary funders of Chicago's charter school movement to a school visit at Northside College Prep High School...Teachers union seeks details of Brizard's contract Tribune:  The Chicago Teachers Union on Wednesday called on CPS to release the full terms of his contract, which is under negotiation. On Tuesday, Brizard told reporters that his salary was set at $250000 in the final ... MORE NEWS ITEMS BELOW -- WHAT'D I MISS? Hawkins charter school overcomes challenges of first year ABC7:  Hawkins, part of a group of charter schools in the city, gets some funding from outside Chicago Public Schools. The school has more flexibility with staffing and offers open enrollment. This was the first year for Hawkins which is located in the ... Lobbyists want fries and pizza to stay in school WBEZ: Some student food favorites are under attack in Washington. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has released new standards for school nutrition and has published them for public comment. Speaking right up are lobbyists for the food industry... State Tuition Fund $300M in Debt Sun TImes:  Parents who invested in one of Illinois' prepaid college programs may be out of luck when they go to pay tuition... 

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  • Brought in a water cooler. 97 degrees at 2PM yesterday. 3rd fl. west side classroom. Very difficult to teach. I ask my parents, who were young Chicagoans, how they did it before a/c. They replied that they were already out for the summer by 1st week of June. At least when they're in here they won't be out WILDING and attacking tourists!

  • Granted, I'm fortunate that the 72-year-old building my classroom is in has central air conditioning. (It doesn't always work, and it's uneven throughout the building, but it's done a great job this week.)

    Further, the heat saps our energy and concentration, making us sluggish and lethargic.

    And yet, I'm not willing to make air conditioned classrooms a human rights issue. It isn't.

    I grew up in the mid-South where the average temps are a few degrees warmer year-round than they are here. Never have I attended an air-conditioned school building. (Even the dorms I lived in during college--and I went to summer school most years--lacked air conditioning.)

    Certainly, I prefer air conditioning to its absence. But making claims against the Board of criminal negligence is just plain silly.

  • 97 degrees in the classroom, measured with my thermometer. I'm fine with it for a few days each year but I certainly would worry about productivity if we had whole weeks of it.

  • one out of five schools, according to fox

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