AM News: Gearing Up For Wed. Board Meeting

IL_CT (10)Seven other unions join teachers to negotiate lost raises Tribune:  Seven other unions have now joined teachers in asking CPS officials to negotiate rescinded salary increases...

Controversy over location follows Chicago Arts High Catalyst:  Renovating the old elementary school to get it ready to house a specialty high school will cost $4.6 million, according to the board report... 

Chicago schools notebook Tribune:  Appellate court to rehear case on CPS teacher firings The federal 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated an earlier opinion that CPS improperly fired nearly 750 tenured teachers last summer... 

Gala Raises $300K for CBO Scholarship Program AOL:  After helping them, he learned that the daughter, a talented high school senior in CPS, would not be able to attend college, due to her family's financial situation...  MORE BELOW

Why some Chicago kindergarteners only attend half-day of school WBEZ:  Members of the Chicago Board of Education are considering a longer school day for the 2011-2012 school year. That would be a big move, especially for schools without full-day kindergarten programs... 

llinois teacher sues Greg Mortenson over book WBEZ:   Former teacher Deborah Netter of Lake County filed suit this month in Illinois federal court seeking damages and class action status... 

Anne E. Bannor, 1924-2011 Tribune:  For nearly three decades, she taught at several Chicago public schools, including Brentano and Budlong. She later became associate principal at Harlan High School on the South Side and principal at Bridge Elementary School.  


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  • Rod, I agree!

  • Dear Anonymous, last week the appellate court agreed to rehear the case. The appellate court is seeking the advise from the Illinois Supreme Court on three questions, which essentially ask if laid-off tenured teachers get the right to be rehired after an economic layoff!

  • Dear Anonymous, true!

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