AM News: Cheap Internet - Stunt Or Substance?

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Chicago launches computer program for poor kids AP:  Emanuel announced Tuesday what he called a first-of-its-kind program to sell discounted computers to low-income families and provide them Internet service at a drastically reduced rate...Ready to Reform With Teachers, Not Against: Jean-Claude Brizard Fox:  With a bit of a bumpy start, Jean-Claude Brizard is settling in as Chicago Public Schools chief. He's in the middle of a listening tour around the city, and he joined us to tell us what he's hearing from students, teachers and parents about education ...Few thrilled with new Illinois budget Statehouse News:  Illinois new budget is sitting on Governor Pat Quinn's desk.  And while lawmakers are happy to be done crafting it, few are happy with what the 2012 spending plan does... Lake View High seeks prestigious science, math program Tribune: The school's administration is asking Chicago Public Schools to match the $2 million raised with the help of a local alderman to pay for the STEM program and improve laboratories... MORE NEWS ITEMS BELOW -- WHAT'D I MISS?

More states help immigrant students pay for higher education Stateline:  Connecticut and Illinois are the latest states to expand tuition assistance for children of undocumented immigrants... Detroit Looks To Charters To Remake Public Schools: The plan faces tremendous skepticism from a generation of parents and teachers frustrated from previous reform efforts...School Gets All Grads to 4-Year Colleges Tribune:  At Providence St. Mel, 100 percent of the school's graduating seniors have been accepted at four-year colleges for the past 33 years, according to Principal Jeanette Dibella.


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  • education cuts in the new state budget, via tribune and mike klonsky


  • CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard Meets with Parents to Launch
    Discussion on Developing New Parent-Teacher Agreements
    Agreements included among priorities highlighted in
    Mayor Emanuel

  • Brizard's listening tour is ONLY for a preselected group of people for him to listen to!

  • apparently san diego has a small version of the comcast / CPS program, and there are some questions about its rollout

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