AM News: Central Office Raises & Waivers

image from webmedia.newseum.orgNo pay hike for CPS teachers, but raises for executives? Sun Times: Newly installed Chicago School Board members Wednesday will be asked to approve six-figure salaries for Brizard and four other new top executives... 

Emanuel backs waiver letting school executive live in Winnetka Tribune:  While most CPS employees are required to live in the city, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has endorsed the new CAO's bid for a two-year waiver...

 Whittier Parents Brace For Another Fight As CPS Gives Them Cold Shoulder HuffED:  Now, new schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard is set to begin building one at the school -- not in the field house, but in an already-occupied classroom inside the main building.  


PS community forums on selective enrollment admissions Tribune:  CPS will be holding three community forums this month on the 2011 admissions policy for selective enrollment and magnet schools...

Junk food near schools may be trivial factor for kids' weight WBEZ: You may think that having lots of stores and restaurants selling unhealthful food right next to high schools would be one of the reasons children are getting fatter.... 

Teachers Union Joins Pride Parade CNC: Two years ago, a grammar school in the Boystown neighborhood became the first official Chicago Public School delegation to march in the city's gay pride parade.

Education envoy keeps the peace Politico: Union leaders also say that despite Anderson's influence, Duncan sometimes pursues a path at odds with his adviser's counsel.

 Teacher Sues 'Three Cups Of Tea' Author Accused Of Fraud AP: Two Montana lawmakers have filed a similar claim there claiming they were duped into buying Mortenson's best-selling book and donating to his charity based on lies they thought were true...

Ex-APS official: Hall ordered destruction of documents tied to cheating AJC:  The accusations appear in a letter to the superintendent from a lawyer representing Colinda Howard, who headed the district's internal investigations office.

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  • Yes, CPS has set up a trap for the CTU on the fiscal books! CTU, thread lightly!

  • The union got it wrong today, the pre-printed signs should have read that the board is in there voting themselves raises while:
    -your kids will sit in larger classes.
    -special ed teams will be spread even thinner with layoffs.
    -Have you seen a school nurse lately? She will have 4-5 schools rather than 2-3 IF he/she still has a a job.
    -The board breaks it's word of the 4% raise, and lines it's own fat wallets.
    -Hard choices are being made in schools with cuts to services, while the board gives themselves raises.
    - Students will sit and sicken in 95-100 degree classrooms while the board sits in A/C on their fat wallets.
    What can anyone else come up with that students will be doing without while the board will be sitting on their fat wallets.

    Oh yes, want to get started on that residency waiver, one rule for the working class, the foot soldiers and one for those in ivory towers.

    Yeah, I'm a bit upset, and sick and tired of being sick and tired...

  • In reply to Traveler:

    How much would it save if all the top positions took a 20% pay cut, all the area office personnel were canned, and other administrative expenses were chopped 5%? I don't know the exact answer, but my suspicion is that the deficit would remain huge and that all of the same bad options would need to be on the table.

  • No one seems to quote all the facts in the article, including that he has a newly-adopted daughter he doesn't want to yank from her current school and community. Maybe CPS should have said no, but the circumstances are compelling.

  • $60M for 300 AO employees sounds about right on a fully-loaded basis.

    So you do all that and implement the raises and are still left with a $700M budget deficit. Then what? Raise taxes.

  • Dear Current Principal, Amen!

  • Mandatory weekend business trips?
    Taking work home at night?
    Working during meals with colleagues and customers?
    Writing business correspondence at the request of a customer?

    You just described what every other college-educated white collar worker does 52 weeks year. Enjoy your summer vacation.

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