AM News: Board Approves Brizard Salary Despite Protest

IL_CT (11)CPS chief Brizard gets a contract -- unlike predecessors -- and a raise Tribune:  The Chicago Public Schools board on Wednesday gave the district's newest steward, Jean-Claude Brizard, what none of his recent predecessors had: a contract... 

1000 CPS teachers protest canceled raises while execs get higher salaries Sun TImes:  Chicago Teachers Union officers and members hold a protest, Wednesday, June 22, 2011, demanding CPS negotiates with unions over budget priorities... 

Board Approves Record Salaries for CPS Leaders CNC:  Hundreds of people protested outside the CPS administration building at 125 S. Clark St., where the meeting was held, and others signed up to speak about the school district's more than $700 million deficit...

Teachers protest as Brizard contract gets approved WBEZ:   Under a freshly inked contract, Chicago's new schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard will be expected to significantly boost graduation rates, increase test scores, and get more kindergartners and preschoolers to enroll in school... 

Cheat Sheet: Teacher layoffs and executive salaries WBEZ:  Wednesday was the first regular meeting of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's hand-picked board of education. Teacher layoffs and executive...

Philanthropist Penny Pritzker talks new role at Chicago Public Schools WBEZ:  The executive director of the Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation is now the top education official in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's cabinet and helped define Emanuel's education agenda. Penny Pritzker... 

Delay Asked for in Chico's ConfirmationAn Illinois state senator is asking for a delay in confirming Gery Chico to head the state school board so he can ask questions about a not-for-profit organization.


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  • Reports indicate Brizard's "performance-based" bonuses could be worth up to 15% of his salary. The kicker is, his bonuses will be awarded by the discretion of his board buddies rather than meeting specific and objective criteria.

    City officials have been spouting that Brizard and other's bonus structure would be based on a detailed connection to explicit goals.

    But the discretionary role of the board in deciding his bonuses seems to do the exact opposite. It creates more of a lack of transparency and makes it harder for the public to evaluate whether he indeed deserves any bonuses.

    Brizard needs to borrow some of Rahm poster-board and get to work writing specific and measurable goals. I want to see, line by line, what his plan of action is so that the people can assess him in the future.

  • Shame on the Board of Education!

  • If the CTU doesn't get enough votes to STRIKE, shame on you! Rahm has no intentions of playing fairly and has sent a clear message that he has full power and control over the CPS Board. Take heed people. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

  • Word on what? He was on the side of school reform from the get go.

  • Rahm changed the org chart, it used to be CEO, CEDO then CAdmO. I hope Brizzard get the bonus money, based on the targets in the newspaper, it would be a miracle. I am sure he get some bonus for progress toward the goals, just like schools get points on performance3 policy for progress toward a goal.

  • I am a dean at a school. I would love to pick the students that Brizard and Emanuel would have to visit. Please let me pick them!

  • OFF TOPIC- Today the Chicago Public Schools will be demolishing the fieldhouse (Lacasita) at Whittier Elementary School. The Whittier parents need your help to stop the building from being destroyed! All supporters should meet at the fieldhouse at 5 am on Friday, June 24th (now). Thanking you in advance.

  • No home visits, no co-operation with CPS! Mayor Rahm Emanuel must be defeated in the next election four years from now!

  • The Chicago Public Schools wants to lengthen the school year without paying teachers more money! CEO Jean-Claude Brizard says teachers should lose their automatic pay raises for experience and credentials! Brizard wants to lengthen the school day to 7 1/2 hours without additional pay! Brizard wants to eliminate the pay raises of between 1 and 5 percent teachers get for adding experience or boosting credentials! Welcome to the wonderful world of CPS!

  • How dare those billionaires give away their money to support public education? The nerve.

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