Update: The Return Of Social Promotion (Who Cares?)

Update: The Return Of Social Promotion (Who Cares?)

ScreenHunter_06 May. 04 18.57The ban on social promotion has lost its teeth over the past 14 years, Catalyst tells us in an in-depth report (PDF), with just four percent of kids held back in 2010. Once affecting almost 22,000 kids, retention now only affects fewer than 5,000.  So why write a big package of articles about it?  Well, it's expensive, it doesn't seem to do much good for the kids who are held back, and some schools still retain as many as a third of the kids in the promotion/retention grades. It's theoretically something at the top of the new CPS administration's decision list.  But we know that's probably not true. Catalyst goes whole hog plucking at our heartstrings about the plight of retained kids but at this point the promotion ban has to be a low second or even third tier issue.  At least, according to me.  What do you think:  Is social promotion back -- and is that a good thing?  How important is changing the policy? Remember to back up your claims.


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  • Many of us in the high schools wonder what all the fuss was over the "end to social promotion."

    Every year, we get classes of freshmen students who are not prepared for high school. Many read several years below their grade level. How did they get to high school unless social promotion was still alive and well?

  • Well, we try to at least bring them up to 9th grade by the time they reach 12th grade. If a child comes into 9th grade reading at a 4th grade level, it takes a long time to break the bad habits, teach them the strategies, and move them on. The state says we can't hold them after they turn 18. Colleges, on the other hand, can tell them NO. Try it. Oh wait, then the college wouldn't receive their money. Seriously, it is a losing battle.
    Social promotion aside, there is a point where we have to let them go. The colleges can look at their PSAE score and determine their readiness. We can't do that. And, we are not miracle workers.
    Maybe, there should be a place for non readers to go so elementary schools don't have 16 year old eighth graders and high school don't have 16 year old fourth grade readers. Hmmmm...

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    Sorry for the typos. I am using my phone.

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    I think I am on to something. Maybe, reform should be taking elementary students who are not ready for high school and placing them in a remedial school until they are ready for high school. I know that sounds like something from the 70s, but did it work back then? (I was a student in the 70s, so I am removed from the know).

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    Dear judgejury81, that's what the achievement academies are for.

  • I agree!

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