Update: The Return Of "Do Not Hire"

image from www.chicagonow.comThis CNC/NYT story about Austin Polytechnic (Teacher Firings, Student Protest Cap School's Tumultuous Year) illustrates how tumultuous a year some schools are having.  In this case, it includes a school on probation, an interim principal who's not fully certified until late in the year, a narrowly-averted merger proposal, and -- most controversial of all -- unsatisfactory ratings and "do not hire" designations for five of seven teachers coming in just before the 30-day deadline (How CPS Terminates Teachers).  Take a look and tell us what you think or know.  Is there part of the story that we're not being told?  Is the DNH process working any more transparently than last year, when it was first revealed?  Do you think that the DNH designation plays an important role of any kind?


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  • Gerstein was not the principal at Austin Polytech when this happened. The principal was Fabby williams.

  • As to an education degree, that's good advice overall. Much better to get a degree like history or math or English and then get some sort of teaching certification.

  • It's also an affirmation of teachers and administration that fostered a community in which students feel empowered to use civil disobedience to insist on attention to perceived injustices. Isn't this what we hope for from our citizens? Kudos to all the adults in these kids' community.

  • Pissing off the boss is not always, or even usually, equivalent to being stupid and lazy. It all depends on the boss. Autocratic, didactic, controlling bosses might fire teachers who disagree - as right-minded people often do in a democracy - with administration. Stupid and lazy people do deserve to lose their jobs, no question. But let's be certain which is which.

  • Gerstein was at one school for 7 years, followed by 3 at APA. Hardly what you describe as school to school.

  • Fabby Williams came into CPS from North Carolina in September and decided by February this wasn't his kind of gig; compare with AUSL bringing in Jammie Poole from Memphis 3 years ago from Memphis, taking him on a tour of Whitney Young, before installing him at Orr, a brand new turnaround.

    It is not clear from the evidence that Gerstein, Williams, or Poole "ran away". What seems apparent is that there are some systemic issues within CPS regarding retention and recruitment of principal. Just sayin'.

  • Boss
    I always was under the impression that the taxpayers of Chicago were our boss
    and the students our clients. While some subscribe to the theory that teachers
    Are labor I personally think we are a profession. As in any profession some members
    Are better at what they do than others, those people are the ones who became principals.
    Now if we are labor any ass hole can become Boss, just pick somebody out and promote
    Them. These bosses owe their existence to the forces that promoted them, not the kids
    Which they think of as raw material. Artificial criteria become the goals under this system
    of production line education. In all my 41 years and 15 principals I can say none of these
    Bosses ever signed my paycheck

  • nonrewnewals are actually down since 2007, according to catalyst and the CTU website --


    -- will try and get some numbers about DNH to go along with this.

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    CPS says that the rate of non-renewed PATs this year was approx 9.3% of the total PAT pool. Last year it was 9.2%. -- Hardly a bloodbath, though i understand the disappointment and the possibility of miscategorization. Still waiting on DNH numbers.

  • Boss

    While that might be the definition of a boss it is far cry from being a leader.
    A leader has walked in the employees shoes, demonstrated a talent for leadership
    And knows how to educate .
    A boss on the other hand does what they are told, screams to cover-up a lack of
    Solutions and stabs anyone in the back they feel is a threat to their position. It is
    A lot easier, not to mention safer , to surround yourself with yes-men and people
    Who kowtow rather than deal with professionals who know more than you do.

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