Turnarounds: Making A Difference At Marshall HS?

image from www.chicagotribune.com

If you judged the turnaround effort at Marshall High by numbers alone you'd probably think this first-year effort was a failure. But some of the stats may be the result of better recordkeeping and stricter adherence to the
rules, and this recent Chicago Tribune story
suggests that adults creating firm but fair relationships with kids and
taking aggressive approaches to both credit recovery and safety can
make a dent. Anyone familiar with Marshall want to comment on the changes since principal Kenyatta Stansbery came over from Harper?   


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  • Note she "grabbed" one student over his uniform. Typically teachers get disciplined for such actions. And if all schools could eliminate the troublesome 10% then we'd ALL be superstars. Blame the teachers for not doing there job before she arrived?? How much grief do schools get for having too many discipline notices and suspensions? Other posters are correct: these programs get special treatment and teachers take the blame.

  • The former Orr principal took a principalship postion in the suburbs.

  • Most high school principals have these conferences all the time and it is better for the student to move on,and most of the time parents agree with you when you sit down and discuss the optioons. I followed one principal and found a building with a large group of 18 and 19 yr old students with < 8 credits. This small group of students were roaming the halls, disrupting class and wasting everyones time, it was amazing how quiet things got after they left.

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