Site News: New Blog Setup On Its Way


This is just a heads-up that there's a new version of this site heading our way -- I'm not exactly sure when -- and that there's likely to be a settling in period where things are not as ideal as I'd like them to be.  Apologies in advance.  But you've been through that before and I'm sure you'll power through it.  (Remember the first version of the site, way back when, when it was just me on my own?  Then there was the short-lived Catalyst version.) Here's what I know so far: (1) Nothing's going to change in terms of my control over the site and my comment policies or anything else substantively. (2) The main changes are going to be functional / appearance changes -- we're moving to a WordPress site from Movable Type, for those of you who know blogs. (3) For a while we're going to have to go back to the old way for folks to comment anonymous -- a dummy username and password that anyone can use.  Sucks, I know.  Questions?  Suggestions?  You know what to do.


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  • good question -- this blog is currently sponsored by chicagonow, which is an offshoot of the chicago tribune, which is part of tribune media, etc.

    my other blog,, is currently sponsored by scholastic administrator, a publication of scholastic, inc.

    in 2008-2009, i received a spencer fellowship at columbia, sponsored by the spencer foundation.

    i've written and freelanced for a slew of publications and nonprofits over the years, some of whom undoubtedly had gates funding in the mix.

    if it helps, i'm a regular critic of several gates initiatives, including the push to publish teachers' VAM scores, ending LIFO without a clear way of replacing seniority, expanding charters without any real improvements in authorization and accountability, etc...

    no PAC money so sar.

  • nope -- they don't see it before it goes live, or discuss with me what i cover or don't cover, or my opinions pro or con. in fact they've been delightfully hands off, and my contract with them makes clear that they get the advertising revenue and the readers but not editorial oversight except in cases of slander, libel, hate speech, etc.

  • looks like the changeover is going to take place in a week or two, and that they're not going to offer "recent comments" right up near the right rail at the start. sorry!

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