Schools: What's Going On At Reavis?

image from'm getting unconfirmed reports about midyear staff turnover -- four teachers this year, a slew more the year before, an estimated 33 percent a year (which seems high for a small elementary school when the principal's already been around for a while). Thing is, the teachers who leave aren't transferring to another school; they're just leaving. Of course, people leave for all sorts of reasons and not all of them are bad for kids.  Needless to say, the atmosphere over there sounds pretty toxic.  They had a big fight about open toed shoes last spring, if you want to get a sense of how chippy things have gotten.  The CAO Judith Coates says she can't talk to me about personnel matters. I can't find a warning resolution against Johnson in the board reports.  No response from principal Michael Johnson, former principal of North Kenwood Oakland Charter, who's on his second contract (renewed in '08). Anyone know what's really going on in there, and whether it's typical or unusual?


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  • Can anyone help me? I have a lot to say about Reavis. I was there for 23 years and know the damage that was done to me and the students and other teachers as well.

  • I was there for 23 years. I was forced to quit because of his lies and lies of a parent who is his spy. I would like to know if there is help out there for me who would like to clear my name.

  • I was threaten, intimidated and had allegations and lies said about me. I was forced to quit and my name was smeared. I was a teacher there for 23 years and had gotten excellent evaluations until he got there. If I could tell my side of the story maybe it would help.

  • I was a teacher at Reavis for 23 years. I had always gotten excellent evaluations until Mr. Johnson came into the picture. I was bullied and forced to quit. My name was smeared and lies and allegations were thrown at me. If anyone out there can help me clear my name please let me know if you know of someone I could talk to.

  • Please contact me at my email address if you would like for me to talk with a lawyer with you. I would like to tell sooo much more about reavis and the two who run it and ran away assistant principals and many more teachers.

  • The troubles at Reavis haven't stopped. Mr. Johnson is still the principal and he continues to run the school into the ground. With all the turnover in the area/network offices, I fear the new leadership isn't aware of what's going on and thus won't take action soon enough to replace Johnson with a principal who knows how to respect and engage parents and develop staff - not grind them down as Johnson has.

  • Yes it's just as bad as last year. Is this guy even qualified to be a principal? He doesn't know what he's doing! Neither coherence nor alignment can be found anywhere in the school. It's every teacher for herself. The kids are suffering.

  • The situation continues, and it’s unfair to everyone, particularly the children—they can’t afford another year of having their education limited by the limitations of the principal.

  • I don't understand why Mr. Johnson has remained as the principal at this school. The community has brought so many resources to the school, and good people have dedicated themselves to helping make Reavis a good school for the children and families. Mr.Johnson has been an obstacle the entire 3 years I've known the school. He targets teachers, he puts on a good front when he has to, but he's a tyrant that people have to try to figure out how to work around when officials aren't looking. He's the problem at Reavis. Its not fair that one man would push good and dedicated teachers out alienate community resources!

  • One of the more worrisome aspect of the situation at Reavis is that it is unclear whether the district is aware of the issues that are being raised. In a school where there is mistrust between the principal and teachers, the conflict seldom resolves itself on its own. I would like to know where the regional office stands on these matters.

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