Schools: What's Going On At Field Elementary?

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I've gotten a couple of unconfirmed reports from readers and seen a mention in Substance (here) about a sudden staff shift at Field Elementary in Rogers Park (Area 2).  Apparently the students and teachers returned from break to find their old administrators gone, replaced by new ones, along with some teachers.  The old principal was Sunday Uwamarogie. The new interim is apparently the AP from Armstrong.  Does anyone have specific information about whether this true, and if so do you know why or what happened?  Also: how many other schools had sudden staff changes like this, if any?


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  • warning resolution from august 2010

  • list of other warnings issued that same month -- wonder how many if any of those folks are still in the same positions?

  • billionaire larry ellison went to field, didja know?

    i've got emails in to the board, CPAA, and the area officer (esparza)

  • Regarding Field school, was the principal dismissed for cheating on the ISATs? If teachers were let go too, that would make sense. Anyone have any more info on Field?

  • What are the trumped up charges?

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