Research: Premature "Culture Of Calm" Credit

image from graphics8.nytimes.comA new report from the Consortium got coverage from at least three outlets -- but which of them got it right? Catalyst (Strong relationships help students feel safer) notes the basic finding that student support programs -- there are several varieties operating in CPS -- can help students feel safer in school. WGN (New report links school safety with improved relationships) is careful to note that this is not a direct evaluation of the Huberman "culture of calm" initiative. CNC (Culture of Calm Is Threatened by Budget Cuts) blithely connects the programs studied with the Huberman initiative (and suggests that Huberman's efforts were successful).  Then again, the Consortium press gives a shove in that direction: "This evidence provides initial support for the approach of programs such as Culture of Calm." It's no surprise that these programs can work, but what we really want to know is which ones work best, generally speaking, and whether the Huberman folks chose more effective approaches and ever got the program implemented.  


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  • Another U of C study that manages to wrestle a profound bit of banality to the mat. Reminds me of their study that found 9th graders are more likely to fail if they miss too much school. The Consortium continues to embarass itself. Send their funding to my classroom -- my students feel safe, but would be safer still with toilet paper and newer books.

  • There is no data because the program never really got off the ground.

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