Emanuel: Transition Plan Full Of Ed Ideas

Here's what we know about the Emanuel education plan so far: Many Goals, with Details To Be Provided at a Later Date Reader:   Other targets, such as the teachers union, do not appear to be off limits.... Rahm Emanuel transition plan lays out new programs for CPS Tribune: He wants to pilot the longer day and then roll it out to all schools by the 2012-13 school year... What they're saying about the Chicago 2011 Transition Report Tim Knowles:  The Mayor elect's plan to improve Chicago schools is aggressive and sensible. 


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  • I read the entire education section of the transition report, it took only 15 minutes. As to innovation and change in terms of special education services in CPS there is no comment in the report. There is no clear goal for educational outcomes other than being world class. I assume being world class does not mean like Greece where public education is collapsing due to its fiscal crisis, or Portugal where teachers are also being cut. I assume it means like Finland, but that education system is built on a system of very high taxes and I have seen nothing in the report that indicates the new administration is pushing for a city income tax that would tax Chicago's wealthy like they are in Finland and other Nordic nations.

    Currently less than 1% of CPS graduates with disabilities enroll in four year colleges. What is the goal in relation to this? Under 8% of CPS students with disabilities can read at state standards by grade 11, what is the goal for this?

    The plan wants to increase the number of students enrolled in programs for students who have dropped out of school by 10,000 students if I recall correctly. If we assume this will cost at least $5,000 per student CPS is looking at $50 million in new spending. Only part of that will be recouped from State and federal aid, given the fiscal situation of CPS where will this come from? Moreover, the existing alternative charter school for drop outs, Youth Connection, is not graduating very many students who return to school so there are cost benefit issues here too.

    I am getting information from multiple sources that CPS will cut yet another 20% of administrative positions for special education. Local schools will have to wait even longer to even be told that they cannot get additional supports for children with major psychological problems, they will just have to suck it up. How will that improve the situation?

    I am reserving comment on the proposal for teacher evaluation as Access Living will be presenting a white paper next month on value added measurement and students with disabilities. I will just say the new State evaluation law is very much a problem when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of regular and special educators who are instructing students with disabilities who are academically years and years behind and whose IEPs are written not to catch up but rather simply to maintain their weak academic progress. If IEPs were written in Chicago to academically push these students CPS would have to hire more special education teachers and of course that costs money.

    I was unclear from the transition plan, but it appeared to me that it insinuated that somehow the State would help pay for a longer school day. I expect CPS will get less State aid not more in FY12, it will get less federal aid not more in FY12. The plan does not explain the funding for this idea in the least. As I have said on this blog, probably too many time, even if teachers get no additional money for a longer school day and year it will still cost CPS money.

    I did like a non=education section of the transition plan on ADA physical access and the city.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    Rod, too bad the transition team didn't ask you to review the plan beforehand. : )

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    No question that CPS needs a "high school" plan. In fact Access Living sent the Mayor-elect a letter pointing that out about a month ago. But if the plan is based on additional charter high schools it will not help students with IEPs very much.

    I mean Urban Prep in 2010 only had a 42.9% graduation rate for students with disabilities according to ISBE, Noble Street has a much better rate at 76.3% but the percentage of that school's student body composed by students with disabilities is far lower than Urban Prep's is. CICS has a graduation rate for disabled students of 68.7%, again with a lower percentage of disabled students than Urban Prep. None of these models are doing great in teaching these students to be effective readers, Noble St. has the best record at grade 11 with 21.4% reading at standards, CICS has 11.1% reading at state standards, and Urban Prep has only 5.6% of its juniors with IEPs reading at standards.

    Fixing high schools is no walk in the park especially for students with disabilities.

    Rod Estvan

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