Downtown: The May Board Meeting

Here's the official agenda for today's board meeting, which includes notable items such as a new ethics policy, and the usual stuff (resolutions, charter renewals, boundary changes). Anything else of note?  I'll add more information as updates come in, or if you're there or hearing about what's happening in real time let us know in the comments or via twitter (@district299):


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  • brian simmons is slated to replace penny pritzker as chairperson of the chicago public education fund, according to a press release. the org is going to do a strategic review and find a new ED.

  • brizard appointment announcement and letter from JCB himself, via CPS press office:

    Jean-Claude Brizard Appointed as CPS Chief Executive Officer

    Brizard to Kick-Off Citywide Listening Tour, Visiting Schools Beginning on Day One

    The Chicago Board of Education today appointed Jean-Claude Brizard as chief executive officer of the Chicago Public Schools. His first official day will be Thursday, May 26th. Brizard will embark on a city-wide listening tour during his first few months as CEO, visiting schools to meet with teachers, principals, students and key stakeholders to gain first-hand knowledge of the challenges and issues facing Chicago

  • About a dozen years.

    His bio says he had a 21-year career with NYC public schools. He was principal of Westinghouse (a vocational school) from 1999-2003, then regional superintendent from 2003 until he left in January 2008 to become superintendent of Rochester.

    That totals 8-1/2 years in administration. Subtract that from the 21 years in NYC, and you get around a dozen years as a teacher.

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