AM News: More Time, More Problems?

image from New Guidelines Encourage Schools To Bring Back Recess
Huffington Post: The mandate comes as one of the last acts of Terry
Mazany, interim schools chief who will be replaced by Rahm Emanuel's
hand-picked CEO, Jean-Claude Brizard...
Marshall High principal leading dramatic turnaround of school Tribune: A year ago, students at Marshall seemed oblivious to the class bell...Dozens of Austin Polytech students suspended AustinTalks:
If the probationary teacher is evaluated as unsatisfactory within those
three years, that teacher is "fired" by CPS and can never ... Longer day, yes, but what to do with it Medill Reports: 
They tend to disagree, though, on the most effective way to use the
extra hour.. Preschool for All faces cuts
Tribune:  Parents of children at Frederick Stock School in Chicago's
Edison Park neighborhood have posted "Save Stock" signs in cars, homes
and businesses...
High risk for dropping out, one CPS teen is fighting the odds
Medill Reports:  Like any other teenager, Bailey has big dreams. He
wants to complete high school, attend college and start a career. ...
House panel OKs scholarships for undocumented immigrants:
The vote could lead to a House floor debate as early as Wednesday.
Governor Pat Quinn says he would sign the measure into law... Teachers Raise Money To Fight Facebook In Court
AOL:  Facing a federal lawsuit for trademark infringement from the
social media giant, local startup company Teachbook has started a legal
defense fund to raise money for its legal bills... 

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  • I am intrigued by Katie Banks' Medill article on the longer school day. Where exactly did Mayor Rahm Emanuel say the "longer school day" equated to only one additional hour of instruction a day? I have looked at transcripts of the Mayor's speeches and can find no clear statement on this issue. I have read press quotes from the Mayor while a candidate and could not find a clear quote on what exactly constituted a longer school day. Katie Banks seems very definitive that a longer school day would be one more hour of instruction a day. However, I have seen other press reports that discuss an additional 90 minutes a day or even in one case two hours more of school a day. It would be helpful if Ms. Banks could provide the basis for her declaration of one additional hour of school a day.

    Rod Estvan

  • the next round of race to the top is going to give most of the money to early childhood education and just $200 million to states that lost out on RTTT the last time around.

  • jim broadway has a post on catalyst reporting that there's now some trailer bill language that would -- if passed -- address the union's concerns.

    does it address yours? is that why quinn hasn't signed the lead bill yet?

  • Basically, I agree, although I don't see how you can make a foolish statement like "it would have been horrible worse with Stewart." At any rate, there is no way to prove such a ridiculous assertion.

    This is a good fix to the problematic language that slipped through unnoticed by the CTU President.

    And it's also the best deal we're going to get. The 75% threshhold is unfair, but it's what the "20 parties" to the negotiations (including the CTU) agreed to in the first place. The new language makes it clear that only eligible voters count toward meeting that threshhold.

    And while the Catalyst story doesn't mention it, the nefarious "Section 12-B" clause has been deleted in HB 1197. This was the worst part of SB 7 and clearly against the intent of the parties that agreed to the bill.

    I was pleasantly surprised (because I hadn't seen that the Union was requesting it) to see the change from "15 days of mediation" to 15 days after mediation has commenced before either the Board or Union could declare an impasse. With that change, the time frame is shorter than SB 7, although still much longer than at present.

    Let's hope that HB 1197 passes intact and is signed into law.

  • I have no doubt that HB 1197 as amended will pass. One reason is that it will pass is that I think it reflects what was actually agreed to in SB7 and I have not heard that Stand for Children is arguing that point. But the amended sections of SB7 do not change much. Once the Governor signs SB7 any provisions of the current CTU contract relating to

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