AM News: Here Comes The Brizard Era

image from webmedia.newseum.orgJean-Claude Brizard: New CPS chief starts Tuesday Tribune:  Carroll said it's still uncertain whether Brizard will be sworn in as CEO at the May 25 school board meeting or when the new school board members will take office... Sun-Times wins 11 awards for outstanding journalism Sun Times: Reporters Rosalind Rossi and Art Golab were singled out for best education reporting among large newspapers and news services for "Grade Shame," stories that revealed grade manipulation in Chicago's public schools...Renowned New York educator encourages a "children's zone" in Roseland Tribune:  On Saturday, audience members clapped for Canada when he drew from his upbringing in a poor family living in the Bronx... ACLU: Suburban Schools Censoring LGBT Awareness Websites HuffED:  The American Civil Liberties Union is threatening to file suit against a suburban Chicago school district unless that district stops blocking gay and lesbian advocacy websites on its school computers... Chicago's new charter school plans to game the system Tribune:  Curriculum at ChicagoQuest will put technology and game designers in their classrooms in a new kind of sixth and seventh grade learning environment...

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  • CHIARTS BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Duffie Adelson, James L. Alexander, Armando M. Almendarez, Carlos M. Azcoitia, Joo Youn Boe, Carole L. Brown, Marge Collens, Amina J. Dickerson, Sondra Berman Epstein, James Gandre, Sandra Guthman, Francis Harrington, David G. Herro, Betsy Holden, Sally Kovler, Ramsey Lewis, James W. Mabie, Kay Mabie, Carlos M. Martinez, TERRY MAZANY, Susan McKeever, Sylvia, Ralph W. Rydholm, Charles Slamar, Jr., Steve Solomon, and Pamela B. Strobel.

  • With Brizard, there will be a blizzard of charter schools (per Rahm)!

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