AM News: Emanuel Speech Sends School Signals

image from webmedia.newseum.orgSchools the big theme in inauguration speech WBEZ:  It sounded like Emanuel was being sworn in as school board president rather than mayor... Emanuel hailed for reaching out in inaugural speech:  Mayor Emanuel's call for shared sacrifice and an end to city government as we know it was warmly received on Monday, in part, because the stakeholders know Chicago's financial crisis leaves the new mayor no other choice... In inauguration, Emanuel steers away from Daley and sets own course Tribune: Sitting behind his desk, Emanuel signed six executive orders as some of the CPS students featured in his inauguration looked on...  The way Rahm goes is the way Chicago goes Tribune (Zorn): He also declared war on the Chicago Teachers Union, a subtle declaration but a declaration nonetheless...Illinois Science Teacher Chosen For NASA Research Flight Patch: For the past couple of years, Lincoln-Way North High School science teacher Margaret "Peggy" Piper has been talking to her students about a research lab in the sky...  Batavia High School student killed in car crash, another teen critically injured:  A Batavia High School girl died and another teen was in critical condition early Tuesday after their car struck a tree near west suburban Elburn... 'Sky's the limit' at U of C's new $81 million, high-tech library: The Joe and Rika Mansueto Library provides 180 seats for students and faculty to study under a glass dome constructed from 691 panels, none of them exactly the same shape... School consolidation bill given an extension Tribune: The proposed bill comes out of a legislative task force created to address parents' concerns over school closures, turnarounds and inequitable facilities spending.

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  • Congratulations to Peggy Piper for being chosen for the NASA Sophia research flight. Several science teachers a couple from Chicago and mostly from other districts in the state have watched the instrument that will capture the data being built at Yerkes Observatory for the past several years and now one of us will actually fly on Sophia. Real scientific research that can be brought back into our classrooms by teachers is the way of the future. Hopefully the new district administration as well as our new mayor will embrace opportunities such as this and put a priority on bringing real world science into the hands of our students.

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