AM News: Dissecting The CTU Flub-Up

image from webmedia.newseum.orgEducation Bill Fight Puts Spotlight on Union Chief CNC:  Lawyers for the other stakeholders, including the Illinois Education Association and Illinois Federation of Teachers, stayed until roughly midnight to draft the bill... Illinois House panel looks to cut school funding Clout St:  State assistance to schools and early childhood education funding would be cut under an education funding plan advanced by a House committee today... Through exotic produce, Chicago schoolkids learn to eat healthy Sun Times:  John Jay is one of 14 Chicago schools where a federal grant is bringing produce to the kids... Teacher Arleta Ingram Gets Golden Apple Tribune: Good teachers don't usually get enough recognition, but at least once a year in Chicago, we're reminded that talented teachers in the classroom are golden... Former student Eddie Robles wrestles with violence during school day WBEZ: In 2006, then Curie High School student Eddie Robles talked about his efforts to dodge violence after school. As part of the series Southwest Side Stories, Robles presents his story... Student Arrested For Ranking Female Classmates On Facebook HP:  The unnamed student reportedly ranked the girls on a 10-point scale based on facial features, a 5-point ranking for various body parts and a ranking of whether their "stock" is up or down.

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  • rally today in favor of SB620 says jim broadway

  • city council unable to vote on charter unionization due to lack of attendance, according to city journal

    my bet is that as charters grow in CPS so does unionization possibly at an even higher rate. what do you think?

  • klonsky says IFT now joins CTU in opposing -- is that right?

  • As of this morning the IFT has not issued any updated press release on SB7. The position of IFT was SB7 should be adopted with the two sections of the bill the CTU is objecting to amended. However, no amendment has been filed as of this morning. SB7 passed out of the Elementary and Secondary Committee this morning unamended on a vote of 24 to 0. I did not attend the hearing this morning so I do not know if IFT filed a slip calling for a no vote in the committee, I assume CTU did. It is of couse still possible that the bill will be amended on the floor.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    WSJ has IFT as against and IEA as neutral, then something about a trailer bill and some quotes from steans et al making me think that a trailer bill is never gonna happen.

    why can't they fix the underlying bill -- why won't they? can CTU (and presumably the AFT) do anything about it before it gets passed?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Alex, Catalyst is hinting that the 75% strike vote section will be repaired in a trailer bill, but not the messed up collective bargaining section. Speculation?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Did SB7 pass with no amendments?

  • I want to know what are the chances of this bill being passed as it is now written? Democrats should remember that even though these people from Oregon came in with big $$ to promote their cause they will be gone in a year and I will still be here voting and I have a long memory of who to support and who opposed us...including the daughters of those who did not help us......

  • My understanding is that SB7 will likely pass without amendments with no one or almost no one voting against. Representive Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie has made a promise to put forward a

  • Not looking good...the latest from Springfield via Catalyst says SB7 going to the House floor for a vote sans amendments:

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