AM News: Decision Time In Springfield

image from scholasticadministrator.typepad.comHot education issues enliven Senate agenda SSNS: Check out the live Senate "webcast" this morning. It's time for a vote on school vouchers, and on sexual health education, and on a streamlined process for imposing a sales tax to raise money for building schools... Black Aldermen On Rahm's Appointments: 'Nobody's Black At The Top' Sun Times:  Black aldermen on Monday accused Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel of shortchanging African-American voters who put him in office after the mayor-elect chose white men as police superintendent, fire commissioner and 911 center chief... Parents and teachers struggle with how to discuss Osama bin Laden's death Tribune:  Many stepped lightly on the difficult subject, allowing children to ask questions and stating their own mixed feelings about bin Laden's dramatic death... Schools are forum for discussing bin Laden's death WBEZ:  At Rickover Naval Academy High School Monday, students--known here as "cadets"--stood in their platoons on the grassy ball field before school... Chicago facing potential loss of 18,000 summer jobs for youth Catalyst:  On the same day as the release of a bleak report on summer employment for teens, well over 100 students and community leaders gathered at the Chicago Urban League Monday to plead for continued funding for youth jobs.  

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