AM News: CTU Wants Changes In Reform Bill

image from webmedia.newseum.orgSweeping School Bill Hits Roadblock CNC:  Pushback from rank-and-file members against union president Karen Lewis, who supported the bill, led to a vote Wednesday night threatening to withhold their endorsement if language regarding collective bargaining is not changed.  In another possible blow to the legislation, House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) is considering an amendment that would shift the cost of teacher pensions, a move that could torpedo the bill's chances, according to two sources familiar with the confidential talks... CTU opposes ed reform bill Tribune:  On Thursday, reform advocates defended the bill hammered out during months of negotiations, disputing any suggestion of bad faith. In fact, they said, discussions had resumed this week to iron out outstanding concerns raised by the Chicago Teachers Union - specifically whether the proposed legislation might disrupt litigation pending before the state's Education Labor Relations Board... Unions Disagree with School Reform Bill Fox:  The coalition that helped craft Illinois school reform is in jeopardy tonight... CTU calls bill language 'atomic bomb' WBEZ:  The measure was the result of months of backdoor negotiationsamong some of the state's most powerful interests--teachers unions, business groups and an out-of-state education group bankrolled by some of the country's wealthiest political...  Editorial: Is union trying to derail education reform bill ? After nearly a month after CTU President Karen Lewis agreed to this bill, she has decided the best way to share her dissatisfaction, and that of her members, is through an aggressive press release that accuses her negotiating partners of pulling a fast one "during last minute midnight maneuvers." MORE NEWS BELOW

2 Images of Chicago Schools Chief in Dealing With Unions NYT:  The union representative who worked most closely with him described Mr. Brizard as an executive who put his agenda first but collaborated with union leaders and was scrupulous in following rules for dismissing ineffective teachers... Chicago Study Finds Mixed Results for AVID Program EdWeek:  Disappointing results from a study of the popular AVID study-skills program suggests that context is key when scaling up successful programs...Kids With Bush On 9/11 Recall Moments In Classroom Huffington Post:  For the group of second-graders who spent that Tuesday morning in a classroom with President George W. Bush, the al Qaeda leader's death has brought a flood of memories of those confusing moments... Public Broadcasting Launches Graduation Rate Initiative: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has launched a program to improve graduation rates... Five Kenwood Academy High School students receive Gates scholarships That's the highest number of any Chicago public school... New CPS chief: Increasing recess "something we have to work on'' Sun Times:  During his three years as superintendent in Rochester, N.Y., Brizard pushed a new policy that would help bring recess to every elementary school as part of a ...


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  • Teachers are not opposed to a longer school day...but compensate us for it....Language was stuck into SB7 at the last minute that was not discussed prior. Workers rights must be protected...we are not Wisconsin and remember 30,000 CTU members ( plus 30,000 spouses, etc) all VOTE.....

  • here's the actual press release sent out yesterday -- sorry i didn't get this posted sooner --

    Chicago Teachers Union Governing Body Supports Changes to SB7

    At a regularly scheduled May 4, 2011 meeting of the Chicago Teachers Union

  • here's the catalyst summary of the current dispute over SB 7

  • highlights from education nation VIP fest last night -- cunningham instead of duncan -- alexander

    via huffington post

  • may day protests covered by the sun times

  • As I read teachers comments about SB7 and historic lobbying efforts made in the past by the CTU I am struck by how far from the current reality of fiscal crisis many posters seem to be. Public sector union power from the 1980s up to about 2004 was built simply put on handing out PAC money to various Democrats who in turn voted some of the time the way these public sector unions wanted them to.

    Things went along just great as long as State and local revenues climbed, deficits were largely the concern of Republicans who were politically attempting to protect their key supporters in the business community and when they had power Republicans really did very little to contain the costs of government except cut social programs more based on an ideological presupposition than on costs. Historically some teachers

  • The CTU is in a fight for its life!

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