AM News: Board Meeting Brouhaha

image from webmedia.newseum.orgBrizard appointed, starts school visits:  Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new board of education will take up his permanent contract next month... CPS CEO Approved Without Contract: Jean-Claude Brizard, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's choice for CEO of Chicago Public Schools, won formal approval Wednesday... Brizard Set to Earn $250,000 Running CPS:
Though the meeting was dominated by well wishes for the outgoing
board, there was nearly three hours of public participation, during
which concerns over the newly-implemented Breakfast in the Classroom
program and cuts to district initiatives were discussed... Students, alderman cry foul over West Side school suspensions:
Students and even an alderman Wednesday labeled as excessive the
out-of-school suspensions of dozens of students for waging walk-outs and
sit-ins over the termination of a quarter of the teaching staff at
Austin-Polytech High School... Students Fight for Fired Teachers:
Outgoing school board president Mary Richardson-Lowry said that a
meeting should be scheduled after the new school board appointed by
Mayor Rahm Emanuel begins its term... Chicago Board of Education Regular Meeting, May 25, 2011: Listen to Cheat Sheet Thursday morning during Eight Forty-Eight or check back here after noon... MORE NEWS ITEMS BELOW

Chicago Teachers Union says 'swaps' payments sap schools: Four
investment banks are costing the Chicago Public Schools $35.9 million
in annual interest payments tied to so-called swaps contracts that have
turned "toxic" for taxpayers... Free CPS breakfast debate: Fight against hunger or road to obesity? 
On the other side of the battle over breakfast, school volunteer Myra
Jordan presented 5,000 signatures supporting the systemwide program
to devote the first 10 minutes of class to the distribution and
ingestion ... Covering the Chicago Public Schools as they try to turn around:
As CPS' new leadership looks at revamping Chicago's public schools
system, they'll be paying close attention to strong principals like
Marshall Metropolitan High School's Kenyatta Stansberry... Applicants Trickle In for Education Commissioner:
from California and now superintendent with Education Management
Systems; Carlos Lopez, the superintendent of the River Rouge School
District in Michigan; and Bessie Karvelas, the district chief
instructional officer for Chicago Public Schools.


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  • Or, as the worker-hating Tribune said, the superintendents of 44 school districts in Illinois make more than the CEO of Chicago Public Schools--by far the largest district in the state. It's actually a very reasonable salary.

  • Well, he is calling this a "listening" tour and not a talking one.

  • My understanding was that the school based budgets had been developed in tentative form and were waiting until the change of power to be implemented. It was also my understanding that Mayor Emanuel's staff has had input into the development of the tentative budgets.

    I am assuming that there are principals on this blog. Is it there an impression that the new CEO may have put a freeze on the budget process? Or is the information I got from CO staff in error and based on rumors itself?

    Rod Estvan

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