Video: Weak Preschool, And Not Enough Of It

Last night's PBS NewsHour segment on preschool education made it pretty clear that what CPS has isn't big or robust enough.  It features a program called Educare that goes 11 hours a day all year - but only 149 spots out of 90,000 eligible kids. Preschool For All reaches just 24,000. Including Head Start, about 37,000 kids get served in some way.  Pretty sad situation.


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  • I'm always leery of those who prescribe contraception to solve the problems of poverty. This trail was gone down in the 20's and a great many "feeble minded" were sterilized before our society learned the freedom of reproductive choice is a human right. Yes. even if the family is poor or disfunctional. A human right means the poorest family in America has the right to have 12 kids just like the wealthiest family in America has that right.

    Requiring parents to come to school in exchange for their aid is only going to reduce their chances of getting employment. Most folks aren't constantly on TANF. They're on, they're off 'cause they got a job, they're on 'cause they lost the job... Also, the minute you start having work requirements you start requiring other people to be in charge of making sure the work requirements are kept and it rapidly gets more expensive than just giving the folks the money in the first place.

    The pre-K money is being wasted because the program is not functional for parents. If you made it all day, you'd probably get a much better uptake because it would match the needs of the families.

  • No, sterilization wasn't mentioned, but the mind set is the same. It's the mind set that says we would have a better society if those people (whoever they are) would not have so many children. That mind set has a dark history behind it.

    People are not on TANF for decades. check out

    "Most adults can only receive TANF for 60 months during their lifetime. But the "clock" stops moving toward the 60-month limit when the client or family meet certain requirements. Under certain conditions, a family who has reached the 60-month limit may be approved for an exception to receive additional benefits. For more about the 60-month limit and exceptions, please see the DHS TANF Brochure."

    60 months is 5 years and while it says there are circumstances, I'd like to know what they are as I doubt they're universal.

  • And who is going to check that all the parents without jobs are volunteering? That's what I meant by needing employees to check on the "volunteers".

    What about parents that are mentally ill? Do you want them helping with the students? What about parents with criminal records? Parents on parole or probation? Parents with poor impulse control or bad language?

    Every high school in CPS should be teaching biologically correct birth control as part of the curriculum. I honestly can't think of an exception.

    It is not necessarily a negative thing to have a child with no father. Lesbian couples manage all the time as do women rich enough to hire a nanny. Besides if a woman gets pregnant and the father dies before birth, what is she supposed to do? Have an abortion?

  • Yes, the children live with mentally ill parents, with criminal parents and with parents on parole. Short of terminating all these parents' rights and putting the children in the foster care system (which has an even worse outcome prognosis) I don't know what your suggestion would be.

    I'm not opposed to birth control information. I'm in favor of widespread ubiquitously available birth control. I am opposed to a mind set that determines that some people should use birth control. Poor folk--even those on TANF--have a right to determine the size of their family.

    Also, not all out of wedlock births are accidental. In many cases, these children were wanted. Even the young girls often want their children and kind-of "accidentally" got pregnant.

  • I actually agree that the wealthy have access to birth control and so should the poor. I simply disagree with any assertion that the poor SHOULD use it.

    As far as the never ending cycle of poverty--it has no beginning and will have no end. It is called a cycle for a reason. Short of abrogating our Enlightenment values of individual, human rights, we will always have poverty among us.

  • Spoken like a woman. I see this and have these conversations every day with my students. Thanks for telling the truth.

  • Feeding is done via SNAP and I don't believe there are any time limits on that program. TANF is cash assistance, and it has a lifetime limit in addition to the 5 year limits. It would be remarkable if someone had been on TANF for 20 years given that it only started in the late 90s.

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