Video: Arne Talks About Parental Resistance

Here's a clip of Arne talking about what he's done -- and what needs to be done -- during his Ounce speech earlier this week.


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  • I agree, the money should go with the student, so if the student returns to the neighborhood school, the money should, too, regardless of what time of year it is. Simply pro-rate it to the amount of time the student is in the school.

    But I see nothing wrong with Charter schools having standards and for families to decide they don't want to abide by those standards and returning to their neighborhood school. That's what seems to be what happens in these cases. The student misbehaves, so the parent gets called and after a while, the parent gets tired of getting called. Or the student racks up a lot of demerits, or the family simply tires of the extended day or week.

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