Reviews: Working In A Turnaround School

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As some of you know I wrote a book about the effort to turn around Locke high school in LA -- a controversial and unusual open enrollment charter turnaround with unionized teachers.  Well the book is out on Monday and it's gotten a very nice review in the Washington Post by the guy who wrote the book that became Stand And Deliver (and who also loves KIPP schools and AP programs).  The reviewer focuses on one of my favorite chapters, in which a veteran drama and art teacher decides that Green Dot is breaking its promises, becomes the union rep, and starts politely refusing to take more kids in her classroom than the 33 student roster limit that was promised.  Take a look, pass it along to friends working in turnarounds or charters, or order yourself a copy here


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  • Alexander I down loaded your new book Stray Dogs, Saints, and Saviors: Fighting for the Soul of America's Toughest High School yesterday on my kindle and finished reading it this morning. It was very well written and extremely interesting. I paid close attention to all your references to special education and the Locke 4 green shirt alternative school which students were placed in. From my reading of your text it appeared you were not given much access to that program which as you note in several places was the school

  • You know, 10:18, I thought you were making a strong case until you felt the need to throw in a nasty slur, i.e. "Two divas with their shorts in a knot...". That kind of comment distracts from your point and makes your argument seem personal and sexist.

  • here's the link to the washington post review, which is embarrassingly enthusiastic about the book

    a few years ago, there was talk of a green dot school in chicago but now it seems that's going to happen in detroit and/or denver.

    meantime, talent development is the only charter i know of that's been unionized from the start. not a turnaround, but a hybrid like locke high.

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