Quote: "A Classic False Choice"

It's a classic false choice, pitting two groups of well-intentioned parents against each other while the real problem -- a criminally short school day -- lives on in spite of all we know about what students with academic deficits need. -- Andrew Broy, INCS president at last week's Board meeting

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  • I just have two words for Rahm: Adrian Fenty. (voted out of office and sent packing along with Michelle (so what if our test scores aren't honest) Rhee.
    Watch 'Waiting for Superman' where Geoffrey Canada admits that only 1 out of 5 charter schools actually does better than your neighborhood school.....

  • Fine...taxpayers agree to pay teachers more for a longer school day. In exchange, CTU gives up collective bargaining and tenure. Do we have a deal?

  • Time on task.

    If time spent in the classroom equated to quality of education our best
    Colleges and universities would never pass the test of time. Truth be known this new
    attack on the profession of teaching has little, if anything to do with education.
    It does however confront several nasty facts about today

  • Wow. I remember going home for lunch. I would walk home and watch Bozo's Circus, eat a sandwich, have a few minutes with my mom ... and walk back to school. Those were the days.

  • For a 10 month school years the lowest paid teacher in Houston with a BA and 0-1 year's experience gets $44,987. The highest paid teacher with a PhD and 27 years experience get $72,920. The average teacher in Chicago has 12.9 years experience along with relevant advanced degrees and makes $68,679, a Houston teacher with 13 years experience and a Masters makes just $53,828.

    To see the Houston info go to:


    Rod Estvan

  • Both ways

    In 1993 the board offered a 5+5 to teachers. At my school 11 veteran faculty
    left. None were replaced we started the next year 11 positions short.
    The board was able to accomplish this by limiting students to 7 periods a day.
    That reduced a student

  • I'm willing to add 45 mins to the school day for free if CPS lets teachers use their local school's wireless internet from home then i can go tell AT&T to suck it!

    I agree we need recess back but what to do about the weather? Sun Belt cities have many fewer bad weather days. When I was in CPS we were outside before school every day. Today we're weather wimps. Our cafeteria staff don't get much respect. Rahm envisions us supervising the cafeteria, by the way.

  • Dear Anonymous 9:52

    Any teacher and school would be blessed to have your kids in class.

  • A high school student in CPS takes 7 classes for credit per year. If a student were to pass every class in 4 years, then she would earn 28 credits. Illinois requires 24 credits for graduation.

    Adding a class (45 minutes) to the high school day would allow every student to earn 32 credits by the end of her senior year. At the end of her junior year, 24 credits would be earned.

    Great! The brightest students at my high school would be able to walk out the door in three years while those who are less motivated would be able to fail 8 classes and still graduate in 4 years. Bravo!

  • I have mixed feelings about recess. When I first started with CPS, schools did have recess and the lunch break for teachers. As I remember, it was concern for safety in many neighborhoods that changed the schedule to closed campus. At my school now, the problem would be supervision. We have no free aides , just 2 security guards. Let's say teachers supervise the 2 - 10 minute recesses , but who would supervise the kids for the 45 minute lunch ? I wonder how other schools do it who are not on the closed campus schedule .

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