People: Schools CEO Announcement Today?

image from www.wbez.orgTop CPS candidate expected to resign current job as Emanuel holds education event today Clout St:  Posted by Joel Hood and Kristen Mack at 9:34 a.m. One of Rahm Emanuel's top candidates to lead Chicago Public Schools is expected to resign his job in upstate New York today as the mayor-elect prepares to hold an education... Signs pointing to Brizard as next CEO of Chicago Public Schools WBEZ:  There is a press conference that took place in Rochester, New York, on Friday that Chicagoans might be interested in. The superintendent of schools there, Jean-Claude Brizard, is on the short list of candidates to lead Chicago's public schools... Schools CEO announcement expected this morning WBEZ:  Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel is holding a press conference at Kelly High School this morning where he is expected to name Chicago's next schools CEO. WBEZ speculated on Friday that the new chief would be Jean-Claude Brizard, superintendent of schools in the 32,000-student Rochester City School District in Rochester, New York. Image via WBEZ.


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  • And the winner is? Jean-Claude Brizard, the superintendent of Rochester, New York!

  • Regardless of who steers the Titanic, until we do something about poverty and the pernicious effects of it, CPS kids will not succeed at the level of expectations. There are many reasons why the highest positive correlation to ACT scores is socio-economic status.

  • Given that the Board's number one concern should be funding I'm pleased to see Mr. Vitale involved again.

  • press conference in an hour or so

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    ctu press release / comment on brizzard:

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    I have been reading the test score data for disabled students in Rochester it is pretty disturbing. Since Alexander lives in New York possibly he can explain: how does a school district or school based team decide when a disabled student will take the full Regents exams and when will a disabled student will take what is called the Regents Competency Test (RCT) which is an alternative test given only to disabled students. Apparently the RCT is like Illinois IAA exam, am I right about that?

    Rod Estvan

  • EEOC FINDS BIAS IN OUSTER OF ROCHESTER SCHOOLS OFFICIAL, July 7, 2010, Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY)
    A federal commission has determined that the Rochester School District discriminated against its former highest-ranking instructional official when it forced her out of her job earlier this year.

    Acting on a complaint filed in January by the official, Marilynn Patterson-Grant, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that the district discharged her

  • What concerns me is that teachers with low evaluations are in danger of losing their jobs because of the recent reforms in SPringfield; however, it is okay to bring in a CEO with poor evaluations.

  • Especially curious as Chicago has more Latinos than Blacks at this point

  • Good. Democracy needs all voices and perspectives represented.

  • jesse ruiz is white?

  • No regular reader of this blog would find it astounding. Par for the course unfortunately. The comments on this blog are so predictable I am beginning to suspect the comments are all generated by some sort of AI-bot at 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza.

  • I really don't think the commentership is very broad, given the level of cynicism (the notion that every action is political), guilt-by-association (if it's UofC it must be bad), sloppy thinking, unfounded and anonymous accusations, and general paranoia. God I hope not anyway.

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    Well, the...ahem..."commentership" (and that of Chicago teachers in general) was certainly not representative of the results of the mayoral election. Someone, certainly, is out of sync.

  • The new CEO, Mr. Brizard is coming on board CPS and public education in Illinois at a very turbulent time and I wish him good luck in surviving. If he is a real leader he will rapidly inform the new Mayor that the many plans for expansion of choice schools, academic improvement, and a longer school day need to be reconsidered unless CPS finds new revenue. Hopefully several of the new CPS board members including the former chair of the ISBE who several times voted for reduced funding for CPS, because he could see no option, would support that sober perspective.

    I do not expect that to happen, not because Mr. Brizard or the new Board members can

  • Maybe Brizard is a good fit because he seems to follow the traditional "Chicago Way"

  • Yes rod I mostly agree but I think that the Charter movements will actually coalesce around the issue of charging for public education. I think you and I are on the same page though about a three tier model. Now maybe Four Tier. Tier 1 the white/multifaceted high achievement schools, the largely minority charter network, whose parents pay for what was once guaranteed under the preamble of our constitution, the juvenile pre-prison holding centers, and now introducing Tier 4: The parents with the clout to successfully sue the govt for their children's Title whatever funds and home school their children.

  • QED

  • I am supposing that the "Joel Hood" cited in this article is the same man who insisted that the “Arie Payo” character who embodied xenophobic if not racist sentiments on a CPS exam administered to 7th graders was NOT created with Sheriff Arpaio in mind, despite being near-homonyms. The lack of integrity, if not the bald-faced lying, in this denial is absolutely astonishing. Perhaps he and our president studied together somewhere??? How political hacks like Joel and Obama can throw out absolutely stupid denials and then say that "the whole thing was just a misunderstanding" is an indicator of their disrespect for the citizens of Chicago (they must think we are idiots) and their total lack of integrity. This can't even be called "spin"! As one political philosopher opined, "the people have the government they deserve." And that includes the good people of Chicago.

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