People: Reformers' Private School Backgrounds

image from www.surveymagnet.comThe New York Times' education columnist Michael Winerip wrote a column for the paper on Monday noting that several of the most prominent so-called reformers -- Obama, Duncan, Michelle Rhee, Bill Gates, Davis Guggenheim -- have private school backgrounds.  Others -- Joel Klein, Wendy Kopp -- don't. Reformers responded with outrage and indignation, generally noting that childhood experiences don't matter, etc.  My take is that they're right -- it doesn't matter.  Except, of course, that it does -- and that reformers were being tin-eared and oversensitive responding as strongly as they have.  What's your take? 


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  • I'm not a teacher but the root cause of the problems - social issues - which you point out, ring true to me. Those causes can't be cured by CPS but they can be addressed within the school setting. That takes proper funding. Small class sizes, social workers, after school tutoring, sports, clubs, you know what's needed. I believe that Board Members with serious finance experience such as David Vitale and Penny Pritzker can be of great benefit. The CPS administrators can figure out the education part. Let this new board figure out the money part.

  • These folks have education under their watchglasses because it's a HUGE pot of money that has yet to be transferred to their wallets. The finance and real estate games have withered.

  • The top 1 % have an inordinate amount of say in our country's policies, both foreign and domestic. Check out this Vanity Fair piece. Good stuff

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    Wrong link. Here you go:

  • here's the link to the WTTW segment -- i wasn't as impressed as you but it's def. worth watching.

  • I really don't know about the private school backgrounds for our national heroes. I have lots of curiosity about them but I don't know hoe can I know about them.Please help me to know more about them.

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