Movies: The Impact Of "The Interrupters"

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Alex Kotlowitz came and spoke to the Education Writers Association conference in New Orleans last week (see the #ewa2011 hashtag on twitter for lots of quotes from his speech).  The scene we saw from The Interrupters makes the point that it's not all about gangs, but about respect, and survival, and having a smidgen of control over lives that are otherwise decision-bound rather than full of choices and opportunities.  Just as interestingly, the film seems to follow the interrupters -- former gangbangers and kids of gang leaders -- as much as the kids.  I don't know if it will make clear just how dire things are in some parts of Chicago or change any programs or funding levels.  But it still looks pretty well worth the time.  At festivals this summer, then theatrical in the fall and Frontline in 2012.

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