Food: Some Schools Ban Brown Bag Lunch

image from stratstars.pbworks.comSeriously? Some principals do this?  This is a big story? CPS ban on outside lunches raises questions Current:  A Chicago Public Schools policy allowing principals to ban kids from bringing their own lunches is under fire at one campus on the West Side... Pack a lunch? Not at this school Tribune: A Chicago Public Schools spokeswoman said she could not say how many schools prohibit packed lunches and that decision is left to the judgment of the principals. 


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  • They mentioned allergies, but what about children that have religious requirements such as kosher or halal food or vegetarians or vegans? What about children of different ethnicities who prefer their own ethnic food? A Tamil child might prefer his mothers lentils to enchiladas.

    This is nonsense. Yes, some parents might pack non-nutritive lunches for their kids. So what. It's their right to determine what their child will eat.

  • WIC doesn't allow it. WIC can only be used for approved purchases. TANF is cash assistance and can be used for anything, like any other cash.

    If specific students misbehave after eating food/drinks you disapprove of, then you can send a note home to the specific family explaining your observations. But because some students behave poorly, should not judge eliminating something for all children.

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