Charters: A Hotbed Of Unionization Efforts

image from www.chicagonewscoop.orgThe Chicago News Cooperative notes that 12 of Chicago's 85 charters are already unionized (or in process), and more may be on the way --probably the largest group of unionized charters in the nation.  What do you think about unionized charters (which are, it should be noted, not necessarily any better in terms of achievement than regular charters or neighborhood schools)? Good idea, or bad?  Better for teachers, or kids, or neither?    I'm fascinated, but that may be just me.  


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  • I'm not sure I care about whether or not the workforce is unionized. The question is, what's the quality of the product as compared to the other options.

    When you're at a grocers, do you worry about whether the stockboys are unionized (of course, if you actually are in a union, this should be critically important to you) or do you worry more about whether they keep the shelves stocked with what you want to buy?

  • In reply to cermakRd:

    Actually, I care about how they treat their workers which is why I won't step into a Walmart and won't buy certain brands. Some people actually care about how products and services are made available. Everybody deserves a living wage in a healthy environment. Slaves could keep our shelves stocked with what we want if we want to turn a blind eye to that...

  • Rebecca Vevea in her article got one thing clearly wrong in her charter school unionization article. She wrote: "Illinois law does not require charter schools to be part of local collective-bargaining units." 105 ILCS 5/Art. 27A-7(11) in fact bans charter school unions from being part of local collective-bargaining units, which is significantly different than stating the law does not require charter school unions to be part of the larger bargaining unit. This section of the school code reads in relevant part: " a bargaining unit of charter school employees shall be separate and distinct from any bargaining units formed from employees of a school district in which the charter school is located."

    Other than that issue it was a very good article.

    Rod Estvan

  • aren't there a lot of tricks and twists that teachers can use to avoid being E3d, like going out on sick leave, etc.?

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