AM News: Who Got [Principal] Picked?

image from webmedia.newseum.orgPrincipal picks' letters go out to high school applicants Tribune: On Friday, Chicago Public Schools sent out acceptance letters for "principal picks," a program by which students who didn't make the academic cut for the city's nine selective enrollment high schools can apply again based on their talents... Golden Apple Scholar finds a way out of Cabrini-Green Tribune:  Haley will graduate from Wilmette's Loyola Academy next month and begin his freshman year at Concordia University Chicago, in River Forest, next fall...Louder Than a Bomb: High school training ground WBEZ: When poet Malcolm X. London spits that "the educated aren't necessarily the educated," he's referring to the inequalities of the public school system. The18-year-old Lincoln Park High School senior argues that our "failing" schools are actually succeeding at what he says is their real purpose: Preparing young people... For schoolchildren, where's the water? CNN:  Chicago Public Schools do not. Miami-Dade County Public Schools do not. Newark Public Schools do not. Atlanta Public Schools do not.

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  • cathie black -- the bloomberg appointee to head the NYC schools who lasted just three months -- went to dominican. who knew?

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