AM News: Vouchers & Parent Triggers Debated

image from webmedia.newseum.orgDaley pushes spring break program for CPS students Chicago Tribune:  The Safe Haven program began this Monday for students in year-round schools... State asks preschool programs outside Chicago to reapply for funding Catalyst:  Thursday is the deadline for Preschool for All programs outside the city of Chicago to reapply for funding for the coming fiscal year, and it is the first time in years that many programs' funding status will be competitively re-evaluated... Voucher bill poised for Senate vote PDF State School News Service: The vouchers would be given to parents of eligible grade school students, those enrolled in lowest performing or most overcrowded Chicago schools, to use as payments to the private schools... Chicago parents could pull the trigger on failing schools WBEZ:  Illinois does not yet have a parent trigger bill, but Indiana does. The Indiana State Senate has already passed parent trigger legislation. A vote is expected soon in the Indiana House--part of sweeping education legislation being pushed there this week.

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