AM News: Reactions To New Education Team

image from scholasticadministrator.typepad.comCPS CEO pick threatened with lawsuit for leaving ABC7:  There's little doubt Rahm Emanuel's choice to lead the CPS is leaving some burnt bridges in his wake... Editorial: For students' sake, get on the same page Sun Times:  No one in this city should be confused about where Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel wants to take the CPS... Our kind of guy to lead Chicago schools Zorn:  Though Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel has picked an outsider to run the CPS, the trail of news clippings following him here suggests he'll fit right in... Making a Difference: Turning the page on the countrys literacy crisis NBC: Fourth-graders in an innovative literacy program in Chicago discuss their learning experiences, in their Own Words. More from Rehema Ellis'  report on Open Books... Reaction rolling in on new CPS CEO Brizard:  Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel may have picked an outsider to run CPS, but he stuck with City Hall insiders to ensure the city's trains and buses run on time....New board could mean new direction for Chicago Public Schools:  Jean-Claude Brizard is just one of many new Chicago Public Schools officials Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel named on Monday... A closer look at Jean-Claude Brizard's tenure in Rochester, NY WBEZ:  To find out more about Brizard, Eight Forty-Eight spoke with Tiffany Lankes, an education reporter in Rochester for the... New CEO, new board, wary teachers:  In a major shake-up, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel announced yesterday he is replacing the entire Board of Education, and he named other top CPS administrators as well... 

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  • I thought the Sun Times editorial was very interesting. Zorn simply unloaded on Mayor elect Emanuel's pick. On top of this I read the stories about NBC 5's Mary Ann Ahern being shunned by Emanuel over a story she did. Ahern is a former high school English teacher by the way. It seems some of the media is pushing back on the Mayor elect's education agenda very early. I find this surprising.

    Rod Estvan

    Rod Estvan

  • Maybe he can sit at the "table of change" come November 2012 if he plays his cards right

  • What do we do about kids who have IQs outside the normal range? By normal bell-curve distribution, that's 1/3rd of the population. What happens to kids who do not want to be college-bound? Our society does not need everybody to be a college graduate. In fact, the economy may not be able to tolerate so many college grads. Check out this piece from the Chicago Tribune about unemployed recent grads. And what about the 480,000 customer service reps or 315,000 waitstaff who hold bachelor's degrees? Or what about the 5,000 janitors who hold doctorates or professional degrees?

    The first question we need to ask is what is the goal of a high school education.

    Then, we need to determine how to measure it.

    It seems to me that our society has not yest answered question one, and until then, of course we're going to be unsatisfied with education in our country. We don't know what we want, so we have no idea how to make ourselves happy.

  • Let's not forget Rahm Emanuel said

  • sorry if this is a repost, but curtis black at newstips has lots of links and puts it all into a certain kind of perspective.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    The Penny Pritzker stuff is spot on. She's there "for the kids," I'm sure. This has nothing to do with paying her back for heading Obama's campaign finance committee. Rahm couldn't give her the commerce secretary position because of the scrutiny she received for helping to destroy the economy, so you sneak her onto the school board instead.

  • The disparity of income is the greatest it's been since the guilded age, but people don't see this as an issue.

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