AM News: No Cure For The Consolidation Blues

image from webmedia.newseum.orgParents give CPS an earful about school consolidation proposals WBEZ:  Chicago's Public school system is getting an earful from parents about its proposal to close some schools... Process of CPS changes brings frustration Tribune: Teachers, community members and administrators expressed frustration Friday over how CPS handled consolidations and shut downs of their neighborhood elementary schools... CPS School Day Could Be 1 Hour Longer Fox:  School reform negotiators tell FOX Chicago News they may be on the verge of an agreement to lengthen Chicago's scandalously short school day by one full hour... Editorial: Bring back recess to help students Sun-Times: The Chicago Public Schools already have one of the shortest school days of any major school system. Think of a return to recess as a first step in creating a generally more enriched school experience for children, with not only more instruction in ...Schools reform much-needed Tribune: As a parent of Chicago Public Schools student, I welcome the idea of Performance Counts, and I would very much want my child to spend more time with teachers in classrooms than do nothing at home or wander around the neighborhood...MORE NEWS BELOW

 Altgeld library back in business WBEZ:  The new facility is a collaboration among Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Housing Authority and the city's library system... Needy teens get free prom dresses from Glass Slipper Project Sun-Times: This year, three giveaway dates -- the final one is next Saturday -- drew thousands of happy high school girls, predominantly from Chicago Public Schools. "I don't know who remembers the algebra test they took but everyone remembers prom," Carter said. ..  Taking school to the next level , inspired by video games Kingston Highlights: "The only way we're going to catch up with the rest of the world is to re-invent how teaching and learning occurs," said Chicago Public Schools interim chief Terry Mazany. "That's why this is so vital. It's going to be an innovation engine for the ...

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  • Chicago Public Schools Withdraws Proposal to
    Consolidate Beidler and Cather Schools

    Chicago Public Schools today withdrew a proposal to consolidate Jacob Beidler Elementary School into Willa Cather Elementary School and change the attendance boundary for Cather.

    The Beidler-Cather plan was withdrawn at the beginning of a public hearing scheduled to present testimony on the proposed consolidation. Officials said the decision to withdraw the proposal followed community meetings and discussions with stakeholders. Given the community

  • Cynicism is cheap. So much easier to doubt than to take someone at their word and work to change things for the better. Too many people thinking cynicism is cool when really it is just a form of laziness.

  • Congratulations to Beidler Elementary School! However, Schneider, Carpenter, Anderson, Avondale, Best, Chicago Discovery, and Global Visions still sit on DEATH ROW (consolidations/closings)!

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