AM News: Consolidations Approved Anyway

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CPS approves consolidations of schools, but will not seek tax abatement Tribune:  Among the final acts of the outgoing regime at Chicago Public Schools, the school board on Wednesday approved nearly $3 million in start-up funds for four charter groups and voted to consolidate 12 schools over the continued objections of parents.... Parents oppose schools consolidation Sun Times: With whistles blowing and clackers clacking, a group of parents marched in noisy protest outside Chicago Public Schools headquarters in the rain Wednesday morning, hoping to get the attention of policymakers preparing to meet five floors above... How long have Chicago students spent in school? Tribune:   The Illinois Legislature is considering a proposal that would let the Chicago Board of Education determine the length of the school day and year... Emanuel Pushes Big Changes at CPS Fox:  Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel wants big changes for Chicago Public Schools. He told educators Wednesday night that CPS should add 90 minutes to each school day and 10 days to the school year... LOTS MORE NEWS BELOW.

Learning the Hard Way ABC7: Confidential memos from school security personnel and top administrators of the Chicago Public Schools reveal deep concerns about what they see as unchecked gang violence around a West Side campus where three high schools have been combined...  Teens fuel the world one gallon at a time  Chicagotalks:  A group of Whitney Young High School students placed first in the 2010-2011 Lexus Eco Challenge for successfully refining waste oil into biodiesel... Merit makes it easy for Chicago kids to be involved in music Chicago Journal:  Though Merit began in the late 1970s as a purely private music school with the goal of providing discounted music education, in the 1980s several principals at Chicago Public Schools approached the founders to ask for help in their schools' music... Teen charged in shooting of 12-year-old:  A Chicago teenager who turned himself in following a shooting in front of an elementary school has been charged with attempted murder... Teen charged with shooting 12-year-old outside South Side elementary school Sun Times:  A 14-year-old boy has been charged with attempted murder after turning himself into police Tuesday afternoon following the shooting of a 12-year-old boy outside a South Side elementary school... Tires slashed on 26 school buses in Mount Zion AP:  School officials and police are trying to figure out whether a senior prank might be behind the slashing of tires on 26 school buses in a central Illinois town. .. CPS officials plan to expand summer programs Catalyst:  Called UpGrade, the plan aims to bring more students into classrooms, libraries and other places of learning over the summer months...

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  • The deed is done!

  • the sun times' rosalind rossi notes that urban prep and CVCS faced some questions at the board meeting --

  • The new Board will be worst than the present Board of Education!

  • Shingles is not on the principal's list!

  • True, and that is why they are called interim principals. Interim principals serve at the "whim" on the CEO of CPS!

  • No! A interim principal can stay at a school as long as the CEO wants them to or until someone is offered a contract by the LSC.

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