AM News: Consolidation Pushback Intensifies

image from webmedia.newseum.orgStage set for showdowns over Chicago school consolidations Tribune:  Opposition is mounting against the proposed consolidation of 14 Chicago Public Schools, setting the stage for a contentious two weeks of public hearings before a new regime comes to power... Weekend Shootings: At Least 15 Wounded As Weather Warms Up Tribune:  Chicago's first weekend in April was unseasonably warm, with temperatures breaking 75 after a week of highs in the 50s. And like clockwork, the gunfire began... Digital World Re-Shapes Learning WBEZ:  Digital technology and video games have a big impact on many kids' lives--and some believe they could play a bigger role in education. Chicago is getting a new school that some believe might be a window into the future of learning... Controversial Richton Park Charter Opens:  Students at a controversial charter school in the south suburbs will be moving Monday into their new building...


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  • from PBS's john merrow: "Our piece about early childhood programs in Chicago airs on the PBS NewsHour tonight. I hope you will take the time to tune in, because this is something of a wake-up call. After all, Chicago was the heart and soul of pre-school, going back to the days of Irving B. Harris in the 1970s. It's probably just as well that Mr. Harris not alive to see what's going on now."

  • On consolidation, to the extent that involves one building that was divided into small schools, and now is to be recombined, this proves that CPS doesn't know what it is doing.

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