AM News: Brizard Nomination Vs. Senate Bill 7

image from webmedia.newseum.orgFormer Rochester Mayor Defends Brizard:  Jean-Claude Brizard's political foes in Rochester, N.Y., have painted a false picture of him... Grad Rates for New CPS Chief Don't Add Up CNC:  When Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel introduced Jean-Claude Brizard as his new schools CEO, he touted Brizard's success in improving graduation rates in Rochester, N.Y., but a review of the record shows a murkier picture...Area legislators tout ed reform bill Courier News:  Senate Bill 7, which that chamber passed last week, would mean historic education reforms in elementary, middle and high schools across the state. It's a bill "I'm really excited about," state Rep. Keith Farnham, D-Elgin, said Wednesday...  Hoosier lawmakers restrict collective bargaining for teachers; vouchers next AP: On Thursday a majority of the Indiana Senate approved what could become one of the most expansive school voucher programs in the nation. That comes just a day after the governor signed a new law that restricts collective bargaining for public school teachers...

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  • zorn's in trouble for having focused on brizard detractors -- makes things worse for himself noting holes in the vetting process

  • letters to the tribune about longer school days from a variety of folks -- including perhaps some of you who read this blog?,0,3902365.story

  • emanuel keeps using the same incorrect charter school stats no matter how many times he gets corrected, notes zorn

  • canTV roundtable - forte, rhodes, another guy -- discuss the possibility that emanuel knew how controversial brizard was going to be and didn't care -- that the controversy was part of the plan.

    slow start -- gets going a few minutes in. via catalyst.

  • here's the wttw segment -- so slow and stodgy, it seemed to me, with everyone stuck on their talking points. loved how the charter guy snuck the emanuel charter claim in there at the end

  • here's the link

  • Thanks to Alexander for the hyperlink.

    I thought both JP and Mr. Broy acquitted themselves well on the WTTW segment. The performance of DePaul professor Ken Saltman, however, was underwhelming. Aside from his annoying habit of looking down to read from his prepared notes, he was more biased than either of the other two guests (who as representatives of organizations with opposing viewpoints, one might have expected to exhibit a strong bias). No wonder the interviewer kept cutting Saltman off and going to the other speakers.

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