Video: You Think You Know - You Have No Idea

Check out this interesting Medill Reports piece about a kid who transferred from Urban Prep to one of the schools at DuSable because he didn't feel challenged (and about possibility that low-achieving kids transfer out of regular schools at about the same rates as charters).  Stop hating on colleagues who teach at charters; you might be doing the same thing a couple of years from now.  

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  • I doubt Rahm would make all schools neighborhood or charter. That would mean getting rid of the magnets, gifteds, classicals and SE schools. If he did that, he knows he'd lose all the middle and upper class families, with a tiny amount staying at the dozen good neighborhood schools in the city. If he really did this I can say with certainty that my family would allow our home to go into foreclosure and we'd leave the city immediately. No way are we doing our neighborhood school and over my dead body is my kid going to our neighborhood high school. And charters are out of the question. But, I don't believe this "rumor" anyways.

  • Ummmm. And, Harper is getting Urban Prep, Gage, Bogan, etc. So, you see, my point is that all of the schools are transferring kids to other schools. You can't just pick on the ones you deem unsavory.

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    Oh, and I want to mention that a part of the point of transferring students is to take them out of their known environment and place them into the unknown in an attempt to calm them down.

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    What is the point of this video? It only proves that Urban Prep was not a good fit for this particular student. The young man seemed very bright and articulated his experience well. He seemed to have a greater issue with the discipline policy and not wanting to accept the consequences. Stupid reporting.

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    Much of the information people are asking about in relation to Urban prep is publicly available. For example if one wants to see the data for the school on the number of students testing at the college readiness level go to and search for Urban Prep you can even compare the school

  • It doesn't matter, my point was not that our enrollment has fluctuated, but that we take in students as well. Maybe not as many, but we do.

  • I agree.

  • Well

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