Video: Lavish Lifestyles Of Wisconsin Teachers

Video:  Lavish Lifestyles Of Wisconsin Teachers
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The Daily Show's Samantha Bee checks in on the lavish lifestyles of Wisconsin teachers.  Take away collective bargaining or strike rights and, who knows, you might see teachers getting food stamps or signing their own kids up for Medicaid, too.  


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  • I know its satire, but watching it has made me deeply sad at the decline of the middle class at the hands of the greedy.

  • Thank You!

  • Now THAT was funny! Thanks, Alexander! And to 12:35 -- of course a big part of it is the corporate/government boys knowing that unions whose membership is majority women can't stand the thought of them making more than minimum wage and/or having an actual say about the workplace. They are also probably thinking that while women might get upset about being villified, they won't actually do anything about it...and so far they are right (sadly).

  • Yes. Another "thank you" from this CPS mom.

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