The Larger Meaning Of School Lunch

image from www.chicagomag.comThanks to Chicago Mag writer Whet Moser for helping me finally understand why I should care about the whole school lunch debate, which as a "serious" education blogger I've generally thought of as silly yuppie parent/ public health stuff (ie, not my business).  Still, school lunch is something of a big story because not only is CPS weaning itself off its infamous daily offering of cheese nachos (remember from last year?) but also experiencing a new mandatory school breakfast program that teachers hate but kids apparently need.  Still, I'm not interested until Moser connects lunch food to something bigger:  "We demand accountability, as we should, but demonstrating accountability calls for data, which calls for standardization, which calls for structure across schools, districts, and even states...That can make it hard to run a "small, nimble operation," whether it's a school or a school cafeteria.(The Other School Reform)


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  • I can't say I've ever actually collected all the monies from those in my room who pay reduced or full fare. The cafeteria can't refuse them food anyway if they don't pay - I've never understood this. Lunch is too short and the food looks just as bad as when I turned it down in the 80s. Maybe they should just eat breakfast in the cafeteria at 12PM

  • Do all public schools roll funds from free and reduced-fee lunches into a discretionary fund or is this something that individual school boards approve? I'm really shocked that the feds don't put restrictions on how this money is used. But I totally believe you!

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