Leadership: What Is Emanuel Thinking?

LargeEmanuel needs bold schools pick Sun Times (Laura W.):  Emanuel wants a permanent schools honcho in place by his May 16 inauguration... Teach for America founder says Chicago needs schools chief "on a mission" WBEZ:  In the coming years, the national teacher corps wants to nearly double the number of teachers and principals it has in Chicago, from 850 today to more than 1500. And it wants its alumni to head 15 percent of all public schools here. PLUS: TFA Founder discusses school reform Chicago Tribune... MORE EMANUEL BELOW.

Bills on vouchers, charters, CEO credentials proposed for Chicago schools Catalyst:  This year's agenda in Springfield includes 131 substantive bills -- seven deal only with Chicago schools, a small number compared to most years...  Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel considering adding more single-sex high schools WBEZ: There are currently four such campuses in Chicago Public Schools... Emanuel Suggests Rewards for Principals Fox:  Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel is floating the idea of offering cash rewards to the best principals as one way to improve CPS...


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  • I thought Ms. Washington's suggestion of Ms. Lenz for CPS CEO was a very interesting suggestion. I think Linda Lenz, however, would be faced with the same problem that Mr. Mazany is faced with. That problem is that the civic elite of Chicago does not want to hear that the current charter school movement in CPS will not likely solve all the problems of urban education and could increase those problems.

    I think thoughtfull people like Linda Lenz who examine the data will see that there are many problems with CPS attempting to open as many charter schools as it has as fast as it has. As last week's Tribune editorial shows those with power in Chicago want full speend ahead with charter openings. Ms. Lenz has seen, like myself and others, CPS reinventing itself over the years so many times we can no longer keep track if it. Having been though this time and again people like Ms. Lenz are not true believers in the quick fix or magic bullet theory of school reform. I do not think that Ms. Lenz is the type of person Mr. Emanuel is looking for. He wants a true believer who will stay on message. But it would be nice if he proved me wrong.

    Rod Estvan

  • Wendy Kopp did a nice little thing starting TFA. It has a limited benefit for schools and kids. But when seh speaks it is clear she talks in generalities and sound bites. She is not an education expert. She is an excellent self-promoter.
    I'm not a minority but I completely agree that she is patronizing. Why anyone would buy her book after listening to her prattle on to Robin Robinson is beyond me. Why anyone would listen to who she thinks should run CPS is farther beyond me.

  • Wonder who is currently a well-regarded superintendent of a large city school district?

  • Don't all single gender high schools almost have to be charters due to CPS rules & regs?

  • I like Noreen, but I heard the same banalities during WBEZ's interview of W. Kopp by Robin Robinson. (Still on WBEZ web site.) Wendy stuck to her talking points: no facts or figures support her claims.

    Seems to me Wendy is the latest talking head with talking points from Gates-Foundation funded pr firms. TFA gets many millions in funding from the feds. She is singing for her supper, hoping the GOP won't cut her budget.

    The earlier post of the Trib's report on CPS schools is great data. It shows that very few charters are doing even a "C" level job now.

    Check it out: http://media.apps.chicagotribune.com/tables/cps-scores.html

  • Funny!

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