Jobs: What About Baltimore's Andres Alonso?

The Tribune has a story out today suggesting that Rham Emanuel may pick an outsider like Baltimore schools chief Andres Alonso (above) for CPS (Emanuel prepares to pick new CPS chief), which seems like a reasonable possibility to me (though Alonso might not want to leave the East Coast). Though he's definitely reform-minded, Alonso isn't as hard-charging as Rhee or Klein-- he's slow-talking, soft-spoken (though reputed to have a temper), and he's a traditional educator who told me in a recent interview that he still remembers a school he worked at being closed down unfairly. He negotiated a contract that's gotten much less attention than DC's but has some -- too many? -- changes in teacher evaluation.  The Baltimore Sun notes that Alonso won't comment (Alonso may be contender for Chicago post).  

Choosing Chicago's next Schools CEO: Jose Torres Catalyst:  He is the current superintendent of Elgin School District 46, which serves 40,000 mostly Latino and white students...  CEO of Chicago Public Education Fund to resign Tribune:  Janet Knupp, 46, the organization's founding president, said she is resigning for personal reasons. She also said she is not interested in becoming the next CEO of Chicago Public Schools, a position now held on an interim basis by Terry Mazany... 


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  • Sorry to disagree with you, but what if we take a step back and look first at the qualifications and experience of all the potential candidates? I want the best person, and I want one with a proven track record. I don't think that person needs to be from Chicago. I think CPS and the city have had enough of "corporate-style" CEOs (Vallas, Duncan, Hubrman) who have been promoted beyond their aras of expertise and end up having to learn on the job. Because of their lack of background, they are prone to accepting educational fads at face value, while our children languish. It's truly preposterous that the teaching staff has to meet professional criteria but our last 3 CEOs didn't. This wouldn't happen in any other field. That is what is truly sad to me.

  • How about a little experiment in democracy in Chicago? I would like Rahm to release a list of 3 final, vetted candidates, and, much like the process the LSCs use to select a principal, present them to Chicagoans at a candidates forum.

    The public can hear each one speak to his or her vision for Chicago schools, and relate his or her experience in education.

    I'd like the forum in April.

  • This list does not rock, and won't, until over fifty percent of qualified candidates have at least one representative -- c'mon man -- no women at all on the short or long list??

  • Ella Flagg Young? Ruth Love? That's two women who've headed CPS in the past. What glass ceiling?

  • In reply to JohnSchmidt:

    Uh...1909-1915...does that even count? More like concrete ceiling.

  • In reply to JohnSchmidt:

    Don't forget Argie Johnson, 1993-1995.

  • You're kidding, right? First off, Terry Mazany should be on the list. He's actually studying the system-wide problems at CPS, looking at the issues and their impact on the teachers, children and neighborhoods. All for $1. He has no horse in this race, and for Rahm to exclude him is telling.

    Also, Rahm has way too many charter operators on the list. Charters in Chicago perform as poorly as CPS neighborhood schools when they are also located in poor neighborhoods. Check out the data for yourself: iirc.niu.edc/ListCharterSchools.aspx

    Charter are good for union busting -- a quick way to get rid of unfunded pension obligation -- and for throwing millions of taxpayer dollars to special groups whose support the mayor wants.

    As Terry Mazany said, there is a childcare crisis in our city, and the longer hours at charters help parents who struggle with that.

    But there is no great groundswell of "education reform" in the cities you mention that is based on a proven curriculum and actual data.

    Duncan's and Rahm's "reform mumbo jumbo" is designed to confuse parents into thinking their child is being held back by incompetent teachers.

    IF there are so many incompetent teachers, why hasn't anyone looked to see why the principals aren't managing their staff appropriately?

    IF there are incompetent principals, why hasan't anyone looked to see why the CAOs aren't managing the principals appropriately?

    There aren't thousands of incompetent teachers. Of the 1,299 teachers that Huberman fired last summer, to close a budget deficit he said, only 40 were rated less than satisfactory. And this year CPS budget deficit is 3 times higher at $750 million.

  • 1.) For profiles of the folks Rahm/Arne are considering, check out the Catalyst blog.
    2.) For the skinny on them, check out the PURE blog.
    3.) Ordinary citizens should participate in the CEO search
    4.) We need a candidates forum for CEO of CPS, just like when LSCs hire a principal.

    5.) From the PURE blog, about John White and Jerry Weast:

    "But friends around the country are already warning us about some of the folks mentioned as potential picks.

    For example, John White is a short-timer who has not been in the NYC school system for long, but I

  • Yes, we already know Rahm's answe.

    He has filled his transition team with charter operators.
    Pres. Obama / Jeb Bush visited Florida the week before a teacher union busting bill was voted through the state legislature.
    Because Obama/Duncan/Rahm are supporting the GOP agenda to bust teachers union throughout the country.

    BUT, what if we don't ant it here?

    Contact your state legislators and aldermen to vote against the voucher bill sponsored by Rev. Sen. Meeks.

    You can do it easily at the Chicago Teachers Union web site. Just google ctu.

  • gorman -- the mecklenburg supe -- says no thanks, officially. but they all say that.

  • Funny ... you mention Karen Lewis and her "condenscion (sic) and adolescent sarcasm."

    Yet your post is very sarcastic and condescending in tone! Have you noticed? What kind of power do you think Julie W. or Karen L. wields compared with Rahm/Duncan/Huberman/Vallas?

  • CPS will consolidate 10 CPS schools. One of these schools will be Bowen High School!

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