AM News: Which Schools To Consolidate?

image from webmedia.newseum.orgCPS brass considers school consolidationSun Times: <span>They include plans to consolidate Schneider Elementary into Jahn Elementary, Carpenter Elementary into Talcott Elementary, Andersen Community Academy into LaSalle Magnet and Avondale Elementary into Logandale Middle, she said...CPS reviews Catalyst-Howland school's contract Austin Talks: Catalyst operates two West Side charter schools, Howland in North Lawndale and Circle Rock in Austin. Catalyst-Howland serves 511 students - 37 from the Austin community - and Circle Rock has 493 students... A middle school for Lane Tech progresses to a CPS board vote Tribune:  The program got positive feedback at a public hearing Thursday, said Lane Tech Principal Antoinette LoBosco. The middle school program for Lane Tech is expected to go before the full CPS board for a vote Wednesday... Chicago's Schools, Police Work To Stem Violence NPR:  Police commanders and school principals now use an instant communications system to discuss any troubles brewing in schools that could spill out onto the streets. And special police teams work to ward off any gang-related fights and shootings... MORE BELOW Bikers call for state to count 'dooring' accidents Tribune:  "The guy who doored me admitted that he didn't even look," said Kelly Johnson, a Chicago Public Schools teacher and Andersonville resident who suffered a dislocated rib and other injuries in October when a driver "threw his door right in front of me" on Foster Avenue in Chicago...Illinois schools to get $22M in federal funding WBEZ:  Illinois will get more than $22 million for low achieving schools through a school improvement program... Serving kids a high-risk breakfast Tribune:  Eating in the classroom results in a huge loss of instructional time. Chicago schools have one of the shortest school days in the country. The program also encourages waste. Breakfasts will be prepared for all students, though many will have eaten at home. Garbage bags will bulge with half-eaten beef-sausage breakfast sandwiches...Anti-TIF marchers demand $4M from N. Side auto dealer Sun Times:  "There's a giant myth being spread all across this land ... that local governments have no money, they need to take it out of the backs of teachers, take away their pensions," Cook County Clerk David Orr told the cheering protestors... 2 Arrested at TIF Protest NBC:  Chicago Teachers Union staff coordinator Jackson Potter and Chicago ADAPT Co-coordinator Amber Smock were arrested around 1:30 p.m. at the Grossinger City Autoplex at 1516 N. Fremont St., according to a release from the Chicago Teachers Union... Financial strain hits affluent schools too Tribune:  Administrative salaries were frozen. Teachers who retired or left were not replaced, cutting nearly a dozen full-time positions in the process, district records show. And when a high school guidance counselor retired, officials recruited the college counselor to fill the post, no longer dedicating a position solely to help seniors navigate the college application process... 'No Child' changes needed but unlikely Sun Times:  House Republicans who are struggling to wrangle new Tea Party members say a September deadline is unworkable. Plus the insidious cloud of the 2012 presidential election is already a factor, discouraging Republicans from allowing any Obama victories... 


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  • Summary: Soto supports Rahm's push for space to expand charters asap, despite Aldermen' and Mazany's concerns that time be spent in carefully planning consolidations to avoid disruption to students and teachers.

  • Mazany is open to providing space for "high-performing charter schools."
    Can anyone tell me which charters are high performing?

  • In reply to Adele:

    I agree with the previous poster -- we are privatizing schools for no observable gain -- other than to the mayor(s) political supporters.
    CPS cuts per pupil spending, and gives that amount to charter schools, whose directors are overpaid.

  • In reply to Adele:

    Re: Illinois schools to get $22M in federal funding
    The Associated Press Mar. 18, 2011

    Summary: Duncan gives Rahm a big chunk of $22 million to change traditional CPS schools to charter schools, but unions and weaken LSCs, part of
    "four school intervention models."

    One so-called turnaround model replaces the principal, staff and adopts a new governance structure. (No more LSCs.)

    Another is called the "restart model" and converts a traditional school to a charter school under an education management organization. (Read "edu-preneur" makes money from citizen taxpayer funds.)

  • In reply to Adele:

    Deborah Gorman Smith's observations voiced in the NPR piece, "Chicago's Schools, Police Work To Stem Violence", are right on the money. Though it is wonderful that CPS and CPD were able to take this anti-violence effort to a higher level, thanks to the $50 Mil. of additional money dropped on them by the Federal Government (more than was spent on such efforts during the previous 20 years), the exclusive focus on high schools misses a great opportunity to produce lasting benefits. The more appropriate, and sustainable, model for anti-violence initiatives was embodied in the Safe Schools-Healthy Students Initiative (SSHAI), which was applied to the South Shore Community with a $2.1 Mil. grant. The big difference is that the SSHAI methodology provided a holistic, community-wide, approach, which encompassed the violence plagued South Shore High School and the feeder Elementary/Middle Schools that surround it. It provided an opportunity for collaborative and coordinated actions between the high school and the elementary schools, as well as all of the community partners that provided services for those schools (including the Chicago Police Department). Most important was the fact that SSHAI supported efforts at impacting student behavior, and youth violence, before they reached high school. In many cases, once students reach high school, if they reach high school (and thousands never make it), it is too late to divert them from the path to self-destruction, or it becomes a much more difficult and costly endeavor. Every effort at saving young people from deadly violence is valuable, for every life saved and life kept out of prison is precious, but I fear that an unique opportunity for real, lasting, effect may have been missed.

  • In reply to Adele:

    Andres, you were good to me. Well, I told you so! One of the schools that will be consolidated is Bowen High School!

  • In reply to Adele:

    I'm guessing the Sun-Times meant to say Anderson Elementary into LaSalle Language II? Fact check, anyone? That one seems reasonable. I honestly feel so bad for students who share a building with a magnet (a lottery-based on, not even a SE) who have second-class citizenship. Of course, I'm sure the LaSalle II parents wouldn't like it, so I doubt it'll happen.

  • In reply to Adele:

    pissed off aldermen-- sun times has it

  • And the neighborhood schools will become de facto alternative schools. How strange this all is.

  • No charter in a poor neighborhood outperforms a traditional CPS school in a poor neighborhoods. Not one in Chicago. They take taxpayer money from the system, but they have not improved childrens's scores.


    The one school that is doing very well in a high poverty neighborhood is CPS' Frazier magnet. It is the only 90/90/90 school in Chicago.

  • CPS is actively discussing consolidating at least 10 of the system's more than 500 elementary schools this fall! CPS officials discussed 14 consolidations last week (including high schools) with the Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force. The task force recently released its recommendations for overhauling CPS facility decisions and is helping draft a bill to implement them. The consolidation proposals are expected to be unveiled as early as this week, subjected to public hearings in the coming weeks, and face a school board vote April 27th. Why is CPS trying to ram this thru before the new mayor and new CEO take over in May? Because CPS has promised some CPS school buildings to charter schools with political clout and CPS wants to do this before any school closing (consolidation) bill passes in Springfield!

  • a bit more from WBEZ

  • lots more from the sun times

    8 Chicago schools to fold into six others in major consolidation

    An initial proposal called for Cather Elementary students to be sent to Beidler Elementary. But teachers said that after Mazany walked through Beidler Tuesday, shaking hands and visiting classrooms, Beidler staff members were shocked to learn that their students are now the ones who are supposed to vacate the building. Their newly planned transfer to Cather will free up Beidler

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Alexander, well I told you so!

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    RP is always right

    catalyst has more details -- five schools, roughly 100 teachers affected, a clear preference for ren10 schools over pre-existing neighborhood schools, etc.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Proposed school consolidations and attendance area boundary changes:

    n George Schneider, 2957 N. Hoyne Ave. into Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, 3149 N. Wolcott. Schneider is phasing out and has a projected fall 2011 enrollment of only 65 students in grades 2-8. Jahn has more than 400 students, is a magnet cluster school and features robust after-school programming. More than 80 percent of Jahn students meet or exceed state standards.
    n Hans Christian Andersen, 1148 N. Honore St., into LaSalle II, 1148 N. Honore St. (the two schools already share one building). Andersen is phasing out and has a projected fall 2011 enrollment of only 61 students in grades 6-8. LaSalle II, which will have its first eighth grade class next year, is a magnet school focused on World Language, with more than 85 percent of students meeting or exceeding state standards.
    n Philo Carpenter, 1250 W. Erie St., into Mancel Talcott, 1840 W. Ohio St. Carpenter is phasing out and has a projected fall 2011 enrollment of 108 students across six grade levels (3-8). Because of low enrollment, it has split-grade classrooms that do not provide an ideal learning environment for students. Talcott is the best performing school in the immediate community.
    n Avondale, 2945 N Sawyer Ave., into Logandale, 3212 W. George St. Avondale is a feeder primary grade school for the current Logandale Middle School. Where Avondale has space limitations, Logandale is under-enrolled and has space available. Through consolidation, students of both schools can provide a better learning environment for with minimum disruption.
    n Consolidate all small schools at Bowen Campus, 2710 E. 89th St., into New Millennium High School. Bowen was split into four small schools

  • True! But that's not the CPS plan. The CPS plan is to give these building to charter schools! Hello!

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