AM News: Mazany Floats Charter School Freeze

image from webmedia.newseum.orgSchools chief: CPS should put one-year freeze on new charter schools Sun TImes:  The city's public schools have such a backlog of charter schools in need of buildings that the system should declare a one-year moratorium on new charter operators, Interim Schools CEO Terry Mazany says... 'Thoughtful' talks on teacher firing, other education reforms Catalyst:  The imperatives to streamline the dismissal of incompetent teachers and to assert a rational basis for filling classroom vacancies remain as legislative goals. The topic has merely moved below the surface, into a process of "stakeholder negotiations."... Schools rev students up for high-stakes ISAT tests WBEZ:  Students in Chicago elementary schools begin state standardized testing Tuesday. Indeed, all around Illinois, it's ISAT time. The test carries high stakes for schools, and for kids... MORE BELOW

Mayor-elect Emanuel launches transition web site
 Clout Street:  Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel launched a post-election web site today that allows people to share ideas and submit resumes during the transition. It's much like the site Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle launched...New private high school teaches with a global perspective Medill:  It may be the smallest high school in the city, but Global Citizenship Experience is determined to have a big impact. Founder Eric Davis talks about the unique opportunities his school provides, including a theme-driven, project-based curriculum and weekly excursions into the city for hands-on learning... Attorney General: New Trier High School board violated Open Meetings Act Tribune: In its non-binding opinion, the Public Access Counselor wrote that the district's closed meeting minutes "fail to satisfy the requirements of the Open Meetings Act." Via Catalyst.

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  • kids taken to hospital from cameron elementary,0,7820299.story?track=rss&?track=ct-TribuneAlerts-3911

  • they're talking about area 26 teachers heading to sandusky over at substance -- didn't we talk about that a month or two ago?§ion=Article

    obviously nothing much came of the discussion.

  • Interim Schools CEO Terry Mazany says, "10 to 12 charter schools need additional space, while 10 to 30 traditional (elementary) public schools suffer from serious under-enrollment!" After Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel takes office May 16th, Emanuel's new Schools CEO should take time deciding which traditional (elementary) school buildings to CLOSE or CONSOLIDATE and which proven charter operators to put them, Terry Mazany said! Kick the students out of the public schools and give the buildings to charter schools! Terry, I thought you were only going to close 7 or 8 public elementary school buildings to give to the charter schools! Oh well, CHILDREN FIRST!

  • uh-oh -- tribune editorial page doesn't like mazany's charter freeze idea

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