AM News: Like *Unionized* Charters Better?

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Charter school union fight heats up WBEZ:  Art teacher Kate Ostler said her hope is that a union will improve working conditions for teachers and learning for kids... More CPS kids taking advanced placement classes Tribune:  CPS has seen a 20 percent increase in the number of students taking AP classes since 2008, and 30 percent of students now are earning scores of 3 or higher on AP tests... Chicago named "district of the year" for AP test success WBEZ:  Chicago Public Schools was named "district of the year" today by the College Board for boosting the number of minority kids taking and passing tough Advanced Placement exams... 2,600 IL Teaching Jobs Cut Since October Sun Times:  A new report shows the state's budget crisis has cost a lot of teachers their jobs...New Trier High School teacher fired for an alleged "inappropriate relationship with a student" TribuneL  The school board voted 6-0 to dismiss German teacher Daniela Rossmann after an hourlong discussion.NJ elementary school named for Obama will close AP:  A central New Jersey elementary school that was renamed in honor of President Barack Obama last year will soon be closed.... School Board Member In Trouble After Allegedly Tracking Down Teachers HuffPo:  Carbone, a member of the school board in Chicago's north suburbs, was censured for allegedly attempting to dig through private computer records...


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  • @ Oxymoron, hey, now that's school reform!

    Btw, Rod Estvan posted this link --
    to find out how charters are doing in Illinois. Most are on academic probation for 2 to 4 years running. There is no success here, in most cases.

  • In reply to Adele:

    But aren't most CPS schools also on academic probation? No success there, in most cases.

  • In reply to Danaidh:

    Yes, they are. Schools in the poorest neighborhoods face the same problems and perform at the same levels, whether charters of traditional schools.

    So charters are not a magic bullet. They are long-running experiment and no data shows the experiment is working better than traditional schools. Not Standford's CREDO study, either.

    SO why would the head of CPS want millions of taxpayer dollars to go to charters?

    To bust the teachers union, to slash CPS budgets for salaries and benefits, to get support from constituent groups?

  • In reply to Adele:

    The Illinois law that created charter schools effectively barred the Chicago Teachers Union from organizing charter school employees. Charter schools would have to join the Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and staff. Is this why Rahm wants to create more charter schools to weaken the Chicago Teachers Union?

  • I'm wondering if anyone has found anything on what teachers salaries and benefits are at charters? does it vary among charters? What if a traditional CPS teacher is fired and then goes to work for a charter? What do they lose?
    Anyone know?

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