AM News: Let The ISATs Begin!

ScreenHunter_08 Mar. 08 09.39After a bit of delay ISAT administration is supposed to begin and aren't we all excited about that?  Teachers generally bemoan the pressure and the lost class time.  Parents wonders what's going on.  Kids don't mind the tests too much unless their teachers or parents have gotten them stressed out or they think they might get held back or lose their TV time or something if they do bad.  Here's a ChicagoNow parent blogger's guide to the ISATs if you're a parent (What your child's teacher wants you to know about the ISATS).  What's your favorite or least favorite part of ISAT week?


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  • Not really germane to this thread, but...

    First, not ALL new teachers are going. There was only about a 3-week notice, and many people had other obligations that kept them from attending.

    Second, Area 26 should be commended for trying to mentor new teachers. Central Office completely scrapped their program, and these teachers need to document the mentoring experience to get their Standard teaching certificates.

    Granted, it would have been cheaper to get the presenters to come to Chicago. (I understand the hotel is pretty nice, too.) Still, I think using three work days is more effective than those after-you've-already-worked-all-day workshops.

    Common Core Standards are coming, and someone needs to be prepared for it.

  • Yes we too put the posters. One wall of my room is totally plastered. Kids are adding non like denominator fractions with their calculators! Look at their answer documents, folks! Every year I catch one or two with missing answers or answers put in the wrong place.

    I teach Science. I showed kids sample questions for about 20 mins. last week - that's it. Scores go up, scores go down. As long as the intermediate Sci teacher and I work hard at our regular curriculum I'm not too stressed about the test. I tell the 7th students that they only need to get half of the Sci questions right in order to be considered at grade level, it's not scored like a conventional classroom exam. After the test the eighth graders burned food to measure its caloric value. They loved doing it. Too many teachers are going easy with instruction after the test. It's still winter.

  • oh i didn't know they were pre-made. We have the students work on them in groups the previous week - cheat sheet day! You can't write it ALL on your hand/arm!

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