AM News: iPads Will Save CPS, Apparently

image from webmedia.newseum.orgTeachers Plead Not Guilty To Corruption:  Mark Gruntzel and Edmund Jones, both former Chicago Public Schools teachers, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to separate cases which targeted local public corruption...  Miguel Del Valle Looking Forward to Outsider Activist Role:  Could there be a battle, too, over the Chicago Teachers Union's push-back proposal?... Hillard's return just warm-up for real drama:Another possibility is Michael Shields, a former deputy superintendent who is head of security for Chicago Public Schools and has drawn attention because he is a cousin of first lady Michelle Obama...CPS Gets Nod in iPad 2 Announcement CPS Tech Director John Connelly made an appearance in a video shown during Tuesday's launch in which he said the schools have seen "gains as high as 50 percent in math and science" since iPads were introduced...MORE BELOW

Kaplan Education Probe in Illinois:  Kaplan Higher Education is being investigated by the Illinois Attorney General, adding to a growing list of for-profit colleges being scrutinized at the state level, Dow Jones Newswires reported Wednesday.... Obama to Join Jeb Bush on School Tour:  Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is putting his criticism of President Barack Obama aside this week as he prepares to join him in Miami, Fla., for a tour of a high school that is making a turnaround, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.... Keeping children, parents engaged topics for school experts:  The struggle to improve school discipline and encourage parental involvement were among topics fielded by education experts during a "Save Our Schools" town hall meeting at the University of Illinois Springfield's Brookens Auditorium on Wednesday... Judge: Teen Can Wear Anti-Gay Shirt To School:  In 2006, Naperville's Neuqua Valley High School allowed students to participate in a nationwide "Day of Silence," which promotes tolerance of the gay community. While some students decided to wear shirts that expressed that tolerance, one student showed up in a shirt that read: "Be Happy, Not Gay."... Community assistance takes a hit from federal cuts:  Jacob Peklo tells us about a protest at the Thompson Center where hundreds asked for that money to stick around...


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  • medill reports that a group of folks gathered at UIC (create) are wholly against the emanuel education plan -- it's "sewage," apparently.

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